The Man Who Lose A Flower

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How miserable the man when he loved a beautiful girl. He gave all the efforts and sacrifices for her. Then put all jewels of earth between her hands.Then suddenly he wake up to see that her heart was given to another man for free .

And how miserable the woman when she wake up at a young age to find herself in a house of a rich man. He gave her whatever she needs of money , gifts and love. But unfortunately , he cannot get her affection and love for just a few moments.

I knew a man from my twenties. He was from a rich family who was keen to protect their traditions. He was fond of telling the stories of his ancestors that show their generosity. He followed their lifestyle and beliefs in every aspect of his life.

His name is Rahul . He was a decent man . But as many , he judged people from their appearance. He didn't see things in depth , but only the superficial one. He didn't listen to himself but keep himself busy about what others think of him.

He was one of the man who take decisions fast then he regreted. But that regret bring him tease and mock later instead of forgiveness. That bad qualities made him to start a relationship with a woman younger than him. That woman is named " Flower" . Rahul , at that time , thought that he will find love with her.

I left the country for more than 5 years. After that period , I came back and went to visit my friend Rahul. But I find him in a miserable situation. He was so weak , appeared as a sad ghost , even his beautiful black eyes full of sorrow. I feel painful to see my precious friend in such a bad situation. The reason it is the first time I see him like this . I feel shy to ask what turns him like this.

Then I said:" What happened my strong friend ? Where is that beautiful smile that was appearing as light in your face ? Where is that joy that was not leaving you from your youth ? Does death seperate between you and a precious friend ? Does bad luck make you lose money that you collect in white days ?

If our friendship is still valuable for you Rahul. Please tell me friend : why all that depression and weakness in your body ?

Rahul looked at me sadly then said " The beautiful moments are gone my friend. If one lose a precious friend , I look around and I can find new ones. So I get patient and pray for him.

And if one lose money friend , I can think a little . I can make other money . So I forget about the cash I lost at first time.

But if I lose my peace of mind and the rest of my heart , where can I find it and how can I refund it my friend ?

If I lost flower the woman I love from my hands , what are the importance of the things you mention earlier friend ? Many crises happen to us during the nights , we can solve it at the beginning of every morning.

But if I have one soulmate , I give her the grains of my heart , I feed her with my hands . I make my chest as cage for her to protect her from bad people.

I was looking at her as rare bird . After all that kindness friend , she flied away from me to go to another man for free.

Tell me what you will do my friend. Where you will find the patience ? How will you revive the hope within you again ?

Rahul said his last words with a mumble voice then he stands up on his feet. He opened his eyes so wide. He was staring angrily as he remembered the precvious 5 years. Then he looked at me. His anger changed into sorrow again .

The he started to cry and said :'' flower was the woman that I saved her from poverty. I opened my bank account in front of her. The woman that I made other women got jealous from her precious diamonds , clothes and cars.

Flower was the woman that my heart loved her. And I put all my emotions under its feet. The woman, that I was an intimate friend for her , faithful husband, betrayed me and went to live with another man under poverty and shared with him his nasty loaf of bread and dirty water.

Flower was that woman I gave her the grains of my heart and the light of my eyes. I made my chest as cage to protect her from bad people.

After all that kindness , she flied away from my hands and betrayed me with another poor man.

Ralut get silent and put his hands on his face as he tries to protect himself from something then he say to me " That's all what I can say .. so do not ask me more questions my friend .. Don't make my crisis growing more. Let me die in peace please.

I stand up and my eyes full of tears . I feel sorry for my friend within my heart . I farewell him silently because I don't find the words that make his heart happy again. And I don't find in wisdom a light of hope to make him patient.

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2 years ago
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What a story! 💔 I'm lucky enough to be with someone who treats me like a gem and so we look after each other. Different love stories different endings but surely that's not the end of his happiness. Sometimes we have to let go and sometimes we have to move on so we can find the right one. Thank you for sharing this. It was a beautiful read.

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2 years ago