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How nice it is to see that the world is full of women every day who are capable of achieving whatever they want, in any aspect of their lives, from being the best housewives because yes friends we don't all have the same goals but that doesn't It takes away that doing the housework completely is a job, it is respectable, admirable and we do not have to judge others for the simple fact that for them the meaning of success is not the same as it is for us, also for those who do double tasks, running a home and jointly leading a profession, always seeking to improve, for those who do it alone without anyone's help, for all a happy day.

Because no matter who we are, it matters what we do, the good deeds, the knowledge and understanding that we are all powerful in any field, from the one who takes care of her home, from the one who earns a living cleaning, to the one who is a great businesswoman , doctor, engineer, designer, we all deserve the same respect, the same level of equality as any other being, as well as we deserve what is fair financially because we are not the weaker sex, we are a generation capable of achieving everything and anything that we set out to do , the word that defines us would be multifaceted, because some carry out all the homework, with their husbands, creating life, others carry out the work completely alone and yet none ceases to be powerful.

It is time to realize that we are more powerful even when we are more, when we put aside the false emotions that only poison, such as envy, greed, the ego are things that we have to work on improving, because we are capable of achieving changes, we are totally the opposite of those harmful emotions, we are a unique force that moves the world through actions, through always wanting to improve ourselves and be better than yesterday, that what we were in the past does not define us, because today we are magical and capable of achieving anything we set our minds to.

How proud I feel today to be a woman and to see how the world has progressed for the better, to see how every day there are women entrepreneurs, others with their companies on the way to being successful, that we never stop, that either we achieve it or we are capable of dying in the attempt, that maybe some things don't work but we take a breath and look for alternatives, alternative plans, that we are so positive that even if the plan fails, the alphabet has many more letters and if they run out we are able to create more, how exciting it is being a woman, enjoying this moment to the fullest, living part of what tomorrow will be history for future generations.

How magical it is to go out and see women as radiant as the sun who smile at you without any kind of malice, that if you have a problem, it becomes their problem just because they are women, even being women is like a BROTHERHOOD where instead to throw hatred at each other, we should cooperate, to help each other because the power lies in always being united, that even though our professions have nothing to do with each other, I help you and collaborate with you because you are a woman and because I would not like what you are going through pass it on to me and of course less alone. We are powerful because today we put aside grudges only to focus on being part of the solution and not the problem.

How exciting it is to be a woman, I would not change it for the world, happy day women, all the success and good vibes in the world in any aspect that you propose.

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