The Miracle in the time of Lack for a Refugee School

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2 years ago

Hello everyone!

We hope that all of you are in your best of health in such uncertain times. For us in Malaysia, the outbreak 3rd wave that we fear of finally happened when the snap election happened in the State of Sabah, Borneo.

Map extracted from Covid-19 Response Team Hub - Malaysia

We do not know how it could spread out in such an uncontrolled manner taking to the account that voters followed SOP, but we are not here to point fingers because we have more pressing needs.

To be honest, there weren’t much left in the Food Bank after the September packing for October distribution.

Knowing the fact that before the first lockdown, the food manufacturers still had surplus goods that could go to waste in a year’s time and decided to donate to us to help the needy; however after 7 months of restrained business activities, there really isn’t much left the food manufactures can give.

We apologise for retracting the name of the school and the locations for protection purposes. However this is a real situation and person is real

When we posted our good news that our recipients received their blessed ration for at least to help sustain about 2 weeks or so, a desperate teacher messaged us to see if there’s anything we can help, especially the lockdown for Sabah and Kedah (the biggest fastest cluster spread of Covid-19) took place.

Looking at her desperate massage, we had to find ways to assist this school.

Sooner or later, we would face the same situation because voters from West Malaysia who’s hometown were in Sabah (and there weren’t enough time for postal votes) were returning. And true enough, some (including politicians) who weren’t diligent enough to keep their hygiene came back with the virus.

We were also briefed about Targeted Lockdowns if it goes out of hand.

And the spread indeed started.

Our worst scenario came true.

It spread like wildfire when 1 staff from a shopping mall was tested positive days after the result came out negative at the initial swap.

When this news came in with the desperate teacher (now even more worried) wondering how to keep the children with their refugee families alive, we couldn’t do anything except – pray.

Sometimes, it is good to take a step back and take a deep breath before panicking.

True enough, a miracle happened.

A2 Milk Marketing sent their plant based milk over on Tuesday evening

A2 Milk Marketing after hearing the lockdown commencement in less than 24 hours news, they called us to check if we needed anything extra just in case centers or families are stranded.

And that was the open door of provision came ! Not only for our heritage, drug rehabs and children centers, we even have enough for the refugee families under the care of the kind hearted teacher!

By 6pm the milk arrived and it was too late to arrange for logistic for the refugee school, and we only sent it straight to our closest heritage.

The early next day immediately we got help to start packing up for the teacher and soon 2 refugee schools in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur received milk that was just in time for the families to come pick up.

These children have never tried plant base before, but their expression seeing cartons of milk from the photos we received were priceless.

And we found out even more about the school, where the headmaster is a missionary with his helper a local Malaysian who trained the well learned refugees to be teachers themselves.

Even in a foreign land, when a community is tightly knitted together, assurance of life is still here to stay.

Milk from A2 Milk Marketing and Eggs from LK Fresh Eggs

Their only obstacle was food; with the milk we received plus the remaining eggs after food distribution, this will give them temporary relief.

However, this will not be enough for them. They need to find another way to help to be self-sustainable.

There is a plan with @littlenewthings brewing, in hope we can help the school a little more than just providing food.

This was all the rice we had left at the beginning of October, before other small families came to take

As what we have mentioned earlier, most of the process / frozen food manufacturers have reduced greatly in production due to the lockdowns, only the fresh produce farms who are our impact partners are working closely with us. However not everything can be obtained as sponsored items which includes transport fees and we welcome monetary (crypto) donations so that we can transfer funds to outreach stations located in further out from our district that we barred from going during lockdown, where they can purchase food locally for the stranded financially struggling families.

All of your supports HERE will definitely helped us to obtain emergency funds when we ran out of fiat financial resources; and we are truly grateful for your generosity.

Angie Ng

Director of Daily Bread Food Bank

Disclosure: Daily Bread Food Bank is a non-profit channel, collaborating with other NGOs including the latest Fresh Food Bank Initiative movement.

All our earnings here will be collected and geared towards additional expenses of the Food Bank, bridging the use of crypto into the real world needs.

You can find us in our main page at Facebook and Instagram

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