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2 years ago

All along when we started the food bank since 7 years ago, our sole mission was to help the hardcore struggling families at the same time help educate the public of not only the reality of struggles of food waste in Malaysia.

All this came to an elevated purpose when we first heard about the struggles of a family with 5 children when they registered into our recipient's list.

This was them learning how to pack 3 years back, click on the photos to read the full article we wrote 3 years ago in the HIVE chain under gtpjfoodbank

We would not really want to re-write their struggles before; but we do wanted to share with you that the family was so grateful they began to get the kids to be more involved with our weekly Food Bank's upkeeping while they came to collect food allocated for them.

All we thought was to give them a different life other that dwelling in darkness of struggles so that they can have a normal life

Which is actually to other kids this could be an amazing life experience and growing journey.

Thanks to littlenewthing's invitation, they met a blockchain builder celebrity! Read more about it in our posts from the HIVE chain by clicking on the picture

Not many kids in their life get to meet a blockchain community builder cum traveler celebrity!

Now 3 years later, these children are practically family members of the Food Bank that have persevered through 7 years.

While most monthly volunteers only came and did the heavy lifting during food packing and distribution, these little ones stayed back to clean up the entire place when the dust has settled and the crowd was dispersed; most of the time this is a weekly extra curriculum event for them to get out of the house with some fresh air.

Recently we also managed to acquire some extra funds for these kids so that they will be able to have a laptop for online learning while the seemed never ending epidemic continues in Malaysia.

There was a time their grandfather was stricken with sudden skin complications. Read more about it in our stories back in the HIVE chain by clicking on the image above.

As they grow up and funds for their education becomes more challenging, seeing their growth despite the struggles the family face with the grandfather still the sole breadwinner of the family is truly admirable. Even with storms and Winter seasons in life, we are so happy to have the privilege to journey with them.

They will always be our greatest pride and joy as we continue to see them grow into great young adults, especially the oldest has embarked into the life of a teenager.

Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it. Proverbs 22:6

Angie Ng

Daily Bread Food Bank Director

disclosure: the Daily Bread Food Bank is part of a non-profit channel, collaborating with other NGOs including the latest Fresh Food Bank Initiative movement.

Where you can find us in mainstream media, look for @dbfoodbank or scan from the QR code below.

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2 years ago


Super good to see these young souls are flourishing in the Grace of God! Really happy to have met them. They are good kids!

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2 years ago

Yes, we are really happy and proud of them definitely. We wish they will grow healthy, strong and happy.

Best regards, Daily Bread Food Bank

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2 years ago