Fanaticism kills objectivity thinking

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It's no secret if fanaticism is one factor if you don't want to say the only factor that kills objectivity in thinking. A study said the higher the level of education is inversely proportional to the high level of fanaticism. This research is true, but in the wrong way of education such as in my country, the research can be less reliable, because not a few people who have higher education still have fanaticism to something like religion or even the most obvious right now, fanaticism against the choice leader.

In my opinion, it is not the high level of education that bury fanaticism, but the high level of reasoning. In the right education where education hone reason, maybe the research is true, but in my country, it is actually education even kills reason instead of sharpening so that fanaticism is still infected with educated people.

The only thing I have read the education system in the writings of educational experts who certainly also contain a mistake in viewing the mistake of the education system in my country. Outside the mistake of the education system, I feel concerned about fanaticism here. Fanaticism is understood or behaviour that shows excessive interest in something, and it feels like everyone knows wise words that say "everything that excessive is not good", but somehow there are still many people who do everything excessively.

The United Nations have given a red report card tolerance in my country. Violence and discrimination still occur a lot in my country, this happens because of the existence of fanaticism. Fanaticism blinds objectivity in thinking, even though thinking is one of the extraordinary talents pinned by God for the closest creature.

Killing the only talent that distinguishes humans from animals is one of the actions against human nature. Fanaticism is the perpetrator of the murder, but the murder of fanaticism has several factors that encourage the occurrence of thinking about thinking. Like the crime that occurs not because of the intention of the culprit, but also because there is an opportunity. Likewise fanaticism.

Science is light and the absence of producing darkness. Darkness caused fear. Fear raises aggressiveness and strength that sometimes surpasses common sense only so that the fear of disappearing, this is the aggressiveness of what then gave birth to fanaticism. Fanaticism is considered capable of protecting individuals whose fears from their fears. Then fanaticism kills reason, the death of reasoning realizes wild humans who justify any means so that the fear does not reappear. The death of reason is also sometimes creeping in the deaths of conscience.

Inner upheaval is quite complex that produces fanaticism. Fanaticism is a tree rooted in ignorance because almost all bad deeds are born from ignorance and ignorance. Therefore it is not surprising if all religions demand the search for science and self-approach to God because God is all sources of knowledge. In my opinion in this highly sophisticated technology era, it becomes more difficult than being a broad-minded person. Capitalizing on internet connections and a little English skills maybe we can get a lot of knowledge that is indeed broadly scattered in cyberspace.

Many wise people say that the highest knowledge is love. How can love grow in fanaticism? Impossible. One branch of the love tree is tolerance. Tolerance can be created with each other. With this knowledge, we can find out why they are different. Isn't the difference between God? If it is not because of God's will, it is certainly not difficult for God to create one without a difference.

The most fundamental mistake of humans infected with fanaticism is that they do not know that differences are God's willingness and try their best and justify any means so that the difference is lost. The most widespread fanaticism in my country is fanaticism to religion. Somehow their logic, but this is the most difficult to enter my mind.

Yes, again ignorance and ignorance that plays a role from here. Religious doctrines since childhood are injected into a child's mind. Surprisingly, after adults, we know that tales that are injected since childhood are just a fairy tale such as a race between snails and deer, the mouse the thief, and many others.

But somehow the doctrine of religion is so imprinted strong in our minds so that not a few adults do not dare to question the authority of the stories in religion. Even though it is not infrequently when we questioned the authority of the stories. As a result, the doctrines that are not questionable are fungi in the mind so that they become dark sides. The dark side makes us no longer interested in knowing other things that intersect. For example, most Muslims no longer want to know stories about prophets who are also told in Christianity and Jews.

Finally, because of our ignorance and fanaticism no longer see anything objectively. Most people who fanatic in religion defend their brothers and their faith despite making mistakes and accusing the kinds of brothers not faith even though they have no one to be alleged. This kind of things gave birth to violence and discrimination that rose in my country.

This fanaticism needs to be killed because he has killed the most valuable instruments of the human. Fanaticism root, ie ignorance is a common enemy. Instead of accusing religious people who are not prejudiced that every religion is prohibited by every religion, the religious people should work together to undermine the ignorance that affects their respective religions.

It must be realized, there is no religion in this world that his adherents ruin the teachings of his religion. Religion is a tool for God to direct his people, but not infrequently the religious people who damage the tool, but without consciousness, he feels that what damages his religion is another religion. Even though no one can damage a religion besides itself. An example of the Messenger of Allah, however, was slandered, was posted, attacked by people outside of Islam, but Islam was not tarnished at all because the adherents did not tarnish them.

Again, fanaticism is the enemy of mankind who must be killed because fanaticism has wounded the most valuable humanitarian side which is to damage its common sense. This paper is just a fad of writing before going to bed so that these eyes can fall asleep. Of course, the mind is not clear where it is, and certainly, there are many mistakes in writing. Finally, hopefully, fanaticism is not infected in our minds and humans can live peacefully without fanaticism (although this utopia).

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I do not think of fanaticism as a total enemy. It depends on the things that people aim for and how there are leads for the future. In my opinion, it just that they took it negatively and use religions as their way of truth without noticing that they have done the worst by hurting others which is against what most religions believe in.

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1 year ago

It seems like everyone knows that hurting and even killing other people is bad and negative. There's no way they didn't notice. The second thing by hurting other people using religion. That is, they worsen the image of religion. No religion teaches hostility and violence. If they commit violence by bringing religion and claiming it is the truth, they have indeed strayed into darkness.

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1 year ago