Memories of winter (charcoal pencils drawing)

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1 year ago
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Hi my friends!

Spring this year is very capricious, with sudden changes in weather. Sometimes very hot weather, sometimes very cold.

Just today another stage of cold.

And I remembered how I drew a snow-covered forest...

Yes, more recently it was like this - a lot of black and white and not a drop of greenery

I really like some graphic materials - charcoal, chalk, sanguine and sepia in pencil.

Or tone charcoal pencils as in this artwork

The most suitable tools for graphic drawing techniques!

Reference (by my friend from Golos)

Sketch with neutral color pencil

Charcoal pencils should be handled carefully - they are very soft, and it is easy to smudge the entire drawing.

So I start shading from the left side.

For the trunks in the foreground I take white and two brown colors, and for the background - ocher and one of the shades of green

I continue to work on the long and medium shot. I make the trees in the middle ground lighter than the tree in the foreground.

With separate vertical strokes I outline distant individual thin trees

I add two more shades of green to the work to paint the grass patches at the bottom of the picture.

The upper part will be in yellow and light brown shades, as the grass areas only on the ground

In the same way, I fill the space behind the middle tree, varying the colors.

I do not forget to apply the texture of the bark to thick trunks. I draw thinner branches in two colors - white and black.

So I gradually move throughout the drawing from left to right, covering the finished fragments of the work with a piece of paper so as not to smear the strokes

Final touches - more white on the trunks and slightly blurring the background.

I like this silent winter forest!

With Love...

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1 year ago
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My dear friend, I haven't drawing with charcoal pencils yet, but it must be difficult to work with them, because they may smudge the entire drawing. This painting is wonderful, and you have beautifully drawn the texture of the tree branches of this silent winter forest.

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1 year ago

Thanks, Ellen!

Charcoal pencils are similar in properties to dry pastels. Both with that and with other material you need to work carefully, it is worth covering the finished fragments with pieces of paper. Or use fixative

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1 year ago

spring are time growth and a sign of relief. However, weather can be unpredictable sometimes.

But, do u did you do those painting by you?

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1 year ago

Yes, thanks. Sometime I use a photos as a reference, another time I draw with my imagination)

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1 year ago