Crocus in the snow (watercolor art)

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1 year ago
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Hi my friends!

I don't know why but spring inspires watercolor painting.

We have the first spring flowers blooming, and this is another opportunity to draw.

Today I'm painting the primrose again, one of the most courageous and enduring flowers that grows right out of snowdrifts!

These are crocuses

For this drawing, I again used watercolor paints and table salt, as in my previous lesson.

But this time I decided to change the drawing technique a little.

So... The beginning, as usual - I make the paper wet and first draw the area of the ground where the crocus will grow from.

Here I took a mix of ocher, sienna and cobalt

Then I mix cobalt and ultramarine and paint over the background completely.

And while the paper is still damp, I sprinkle salt on the bottom of the drawing to imitate grains of loose spring snow.

In some places I even add water drops to make the blur more natural and unpredictable.

I left the drawing for almost a whole day, so that the paper completely dried out.

The dried salt created an interesting texture.

I partially removed it, and left it in places to draw directly on it.

To begin with, I put dark shadows on the ground, then with a few thin strokes in green I painted the leaves.

In order to paint the petals of the flower, I mixed ultramarine, cobalt carmine and purple in places (closer to the stem).

I painted individual petals that are spaced far apart so the colors don't mix.

This is called the fill technique.

I give the paper time to dry and finish painting the rest of the petals.

I leave a free area for the core.

For the core, I needed yellow and orange colors

It remains only to add shadows to the snow and the flower

And now a brave flower emerged from the snow towards spring!

With Love...

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My dear friend, I didn't notice your articles over the weekend due to my poor internet access, I am very sorry. How beautiful this spring flower is. I love your watercolor painting technique.

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1 year ago

Thanks a lot, Ellen)) I'm glad you found my post))))

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