Young Forever ~ The Physics And The Formula

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It's always a good morning...though the night might have been pained, but once you hit the sheets let the worries of yesterday go into a bubble and pop in your dreams. And let the new day be its own architect of its design.

Wake up every morning with a heart of gratitude. Look in the mirror and speak positive affirmations to yourself. Remind yourself every morning that you are beautiful and believe it.

It's only when you are truly convinced and believe it in your heart, only then can you manifest it.

According to mirror neurons, what you observe you tend to do. In other words, appreciate the person stirring back at you from the mirror, see nothing but beauty, happiness and abundance staring back at you and you will reflect the same.

Carry this expression through out your day and you will feel better about yourself, and this creates happy hormones through out your body and helps to slow down the aging effect.

Back in the days folks used to live a whole lotta older till they gray and old, but these days it's a different story.

I mean like back in the days, you could see OGs clocking around 100+ years but lately it's often simultaneous with the retirement age bracket. This may be attributed to the fact that back then food was organically produced and processed as compared to new age science-genetic improved food and less adoption of eating vegetables and fruits daily.

Staying young forever anchors deep on having the right amount of diets in our meals; from breakfast to lunch and to dinner.

Before going forward on the healthy food trail, i'm gon take a detour real quick.

At this point it's important to know that a healthy metabolism and perfectly functioning immune system also plays centre stage to this romcom.

Everyday our cells inevitably come in contact with unhealthy food residues which slowly builds up to clog up our immune system and in turn slow down our metabolism.

Would you agree with me that delayed or slow metabolism helps to speed up the aging process as a result of induced stress on our immune system.

Slow metabolism invariably causes the wheels of our cell activities to slow down and hampers the health of our immune system, as this might result to dsyfunctional-unstable behavioural pattern of our cell task.

Studies are of the opinion that when you wake up every morning you should drink green tea.

It's believed that green tea has some herbal benefits that helps to cleanse the the immune system from sugar and detoxify the immune system from chemical substances.

Besides that, it's also believed that green tea creates a form of relaxed ambience and helps to calm the body. Plus green tea also helps to open up your appetite for food.

And the food pyramid strongly suggest we go for healthy meals rather than the easy choice or acquired desired taste.

That's to say less of junk and grilled oily food.

The food pyramid advices an adequate amount of carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables, fruits and whole grain foods equally.

Next in the line of action is exercising, exercising can go both ways, the easy way or the hard way, whatever one fits your routine go with it.

Easy as in early morning yoga stretches, yoga stretches helps to regulate blood flow and perfect circulation around our body and this evidently keeps your immune system active and healthy.

You can also combat yoga stretches with meditation. I believe you'll agree with me that stress doesn't contribute well to a healthy body and most definitely speeds up aging.

On the other hand, meditation helps to calm the nerves and reduces stress levels.

Naaaam yoooh chi wooooo...meditate.

Clear your mind, find your gravity and nurture your inner peace.

Did you know that meditation promotes the production of antioxidants in our cells and flush out chemical or harmful substances from our blood stream.

Did you also know that meditation helps to distribute chakra (well in this case) blood flow equally to every part of the body.

Study shows that the adult human body is 90% water and the human blood is 60% water.

Calm nerves are as a result of a relaxed body which is heavily built on optimal body hydration.

A dehydrated body produces dead cells which leads to damaged or broken skin and thus eliminates any form of restriction (barrier) to rickled skins.

And speaking of the hard way, we talking brass monkey monkey.

Oink Oink Oink, Act Eck Ork...ok enough monkeying around.

When i say the hard way i'm talking about weight lifts, dumbbells and heavy metals.

There is nothing like a good adrenaline rush and a mix of sweat in the morning or early evenings to keep you pumped and energized.

All of that built up muscles and abs help to burn fats and creates an armadillo like external exterior.

High intense, cardio exercises helps to build the right amount of sterols and lipids in our body to reduce excessive cholesterol and fats in our body.

But the downside is that too much of it, will have you looking crossfit and rough necked and that doesn't go well with the early stages of rickled skin.

Rickled skin is inevitable but it doesn't close out the opportunity of slowing it down and in turn over exerting yourself with HIIT-Cardio routines tends to stretch the skin when you workout.

And most times the stretched skin are not equally distributed with abs and this tends to lead to weak skin which invariably leads to rickled skin.

Rickled skin is one vehicle that speeds up aging.

And this brings us to rest, one of the major reasons while we age quickly is because of stress, stress comes about when we don't rest enough.

Taking mechanics into view it's dynamic to always take time out to rest even every other engine needs a break once in a while.

An overly combusted engine brings about total breakdown of any machine or mechanical device in question, same play goes for the human body.

Study says that the human body needs 8 hours of rest. Rest is an important component of the staying young forever goal.

Rest creates a sorta reset for the body, it eliminates stress and re-energizes our body fluids.

And like everything, water or liquids are the main drive that keeps an object young and fresh looking.

Did you know that the right amount of water intake, optimal distribution of body fluids and rest is all the basics you need to stay young forever.

But truth be told, it's quite difficult to have a stress free day, all day, everyday.

The cycle rides back to where we started from, and that is gratitude and the power of positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations and gratitude should be your every day mantra, do this constantly and you will feel the change.

See it in your mind, say it with your mouth, believe it with your heart and you will manifest it.

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