Improved Flipstarter overview site - April 2021

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My website has been tracking all flipstarter campaigns for 8 months now.

As flipstarter became more and more popular, a flaw in the overview site became more apparent. Keeping track of flipstarters didn't scale. Submitting a flipstarter campaign required signing up for Gitlab and creating an issue, or contacting me directly on Telegram. All updates were manual edits to a JSON file. This is both inconvenient for the submitter and inefficient for me.

This scaling issue is solved. Flipstarter submission is now built into the site thanks to contributions from @sanchaz.

Improved user experience

Users can now submit flipstarter campaigns to the site directly.

This button will take you to a form where you input the URL to the flipstarter. After inserting the URL, the site pre-fills the rest of the form automatically by fetching the details itself.

The submission is then saved to a new and a powerful Django backend where it will be reviewed, updated, approved or rejected.

The new Flipstarter Backend

This development is contributed by @sanchaz. After seeing my plea for help for keeping the index updated, rather than joining the dreadful task of manually updating a JSON file, as I'd been doing for more than half a year, he developed a powerful backend that automated most of the tasks.

The work of keeping track of flipstarter has been improved by

  • Submission form on the website

  • Pre-fill data during submission

  • Automate the task of updating the flipstarter status when it succeeds or expires

  • Automate the task of archiving a copy of the flipstarters

This new flipstarter backend found here. It is generously open sourced under the MIT license.

Reviewing and updating flipstarters no longer require technical knowledge of developer tools and platforms such as node, git and Gitlab. It just requires adding users that want to help to the backend.

Thank you sanchaz for volunteering this amazing work.

Flipstarter directory

The frontend developed by myself, with contributions from others (including sanchaz) is also open sourced under the AGPLv3 license. As such anyone can host this front end.

The backend is designed in such a way that the front ends can share it. As long as the backend is shared, no data duplication effort is needed.

In addition to my original site at, sanchaz also hosts the front end at, where he has plans to add additional features such as a paid service to make it easier to host flipstarters. I welcome this new addition to the Flipstarter and Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.

Volunteer work

The Flipstarter overview project is based on volunteer work. All the source code and data gathered is open sourced. Thanks to everyone who has contributed their valuable time for code improvements and listing updates.

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This is super easy to use.

Thanks @sanchaz !

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✍️ 💪

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I hope that you will be able to perfect the project you have started and develop even better

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