Temporary is Beautiful

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I went to a coffee shop to just relax while reading a book in my bag. After finishing reading one chapter, the coffee shop played a song that I thought was unique. Taylor Swift's song "All too Well". When I look at the lyrics sung by Taylor Swift, it turns out that the lyrics are quite interesting. A song that tells about sorrow and pain, begins with love. A memory of a painful event. The story is quite simple, but the lyrics are very touching to the heart.

In the song, Talor Swift offers something beautiful in the wound, there is also a critique of patriarchal culture in the lyrics. Where a man plays with a woman's life, then leaves her with such a painful wound. The most powerful in the lyrics of the song is an image of the event that is in her memory. It reminds me that times and events are so unique like cotton and clouds are so fragile.

This song has such deep memories. A painful wound can be an inspiration in a song that is sung on the temporary basis of the existing reality. As we know and we realize that everything is temporary, nothing lasts forever. Such a strong love will end, happy life will be picked up by death.

When viewed from a different angle, this is very sad, everything seems to be in vain. Whatever we have earned and fought for will be lost. But from Taylor Swift's point of view, it's not like that. Sadness can be an inspiration. Many valuable works emerge from sadness and a wound. Starting from a painting to a song.

Everything temporary and fragile is not something we should lament about. Instead, we should celebrate it with laughter and song. Because this is how life is. I was reminded of the words of Nietzsche, a German philosopher who reminded me to always say YES to the life I live. Life is so complex and turbulent with the contradictions and fragility of life. So, Live and transcend the morality of refusing to live in the name of heaven that never existed at all. So says Nietzsche.

Temporary will be felt more if we experience failure, fragility will be more felt if we have had a broken heart. We will never understand the meaning of life if we never feel failure and heartbreak. Wounds and suffering are the doors to self-maturation. We have to hold him tight and love him. We need to go into the wound and look at it with full awareness so that our hearts and minds can open and become wise. This is a higher level of dharma teaching.

Life is beautiful and meaningful if we can see the deepest wounds. With a piece by Taylor Swift, she taught me a little wisdom in her life.

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