New Document Vol 3

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New Document Vol 3

Chapter 5: Characters

The celebration ended midnight because we went to karaoke house and they had some drinks too. I don’t drink any kind of alcoholic beverages and I don’t sing either so I just watch them sing, dance, and laugh with them. I miss this feeling.

As soon as I arrived home, all those feeling of happiness became void again. It feels like it’s not the same happiness, I feel guilty for being happy. How about Shane? I’m afraid that if I move forward, I’ll forget about the pain and I know I don’t deserve that. I stared at the ceiling and I started to remember a lot of memories with her.

Shane is intelligent and caring. She became my secretary and manages my schedule and the team’s schedule well. We’re together all the time, she loves all of us and we love her as well. Every events and projects that our company has, she’s there to support us. I taught her things that she needs to know be it about the company or how to interact with different people. I don’t want her to be away from me, I honestly think I became obsessed with her presence; the feeling of having a family filled me with joy. Then we had Hime, my pretty princess. She loves to play with her dolls and she’s with us during work and during all events. I have a lot of dreams for us, and just like that, just one rainy night ruined it all.

*bzzz bzz bzzz

My phone’s vibrating loud enough to wake me up. Snow’s calling so I immediately answered it.

“Dude, there’s no exception you’re not even drunk hahaha”

“What, can’t understand”

“What the—you’re still in bed? Hey, it’s already 7:30 am you got to work, remember? Your trainee is already waiting at your office. Get up go go go!!!”

My eyes opened wide as soon as I heard the time and what the fudge I fell asleep crying again. I immediately fixed myself, checked my belongings, boarded the bus, went inside the building then grab coffee and pie and with all that quick actions I still arrived at 9:00 am. I feel ashamed; I hate waiting so I don’t want to be late either. I took a deep breath then opened the door of my office. My jaw dropped as soon as I saw our newbie- she’s asleep.

I slowly closed the door then went to our small kitchen to have another coffee. I decided to have a peek on my team and they’re all focused like before.

“Awww how sweet, our Ashyyy is checking on us” I nearly jump because of the voice I heard coming from the back. It’s loud enough to make the people without headphones inside the room to turn their heads towards the door and then look at me.

“I am uhh, ahhm” crap what should I say?

“ohhh tell us about our newbie, what specific position does she belong?” Selen is always curious of new people; I know she’s excited to know if our new member will be in same position as hers, she’s caring and thoughtful that’s why I let her handle those who are new on our team.

“I saw her this morning, she’s early. She’s beating me for being the early bird here” laughter filled the room. Yuki is known for being early; he’s an active person and loves to jog every morning. He said he became satisfied throughout the day if he started it being early.

“I haven’t talk to her” they look at me with confusion.

“But she’s inside your office for hours now, where did she go?”

“She’s still there, and she’s sleeping”


“uh oh”

“hahha my gosh that girl”

They are all laughing with the situation and they can’t believe what I said. I let them filled the room with noise again as long as I won’t heard any harsh and bashful words against her.

“Woaaahhh wait!!” we look at Rica who raised her voice. She then glared and pointed her index finger at me.

“Someone fell asleep at the Head’s office, the Head saw it and now the Head is telling us that he haven’t talk to her yet. Hmmmppp I remember how much you scold me because I sleep on my desk huhuhu Ashhyyy you’re so unfair” she pouts and act as if she’s crying. I laugh at her because she’s like a kid throwing tantrums on public.

“oohhh now that you mentioned it I was also trained by Ash back then and he doesn’t like it if I’m late even just a minute, and oh he’s so strict that I thought I should give up hhhuhu, he also gave me a lot of games to fix before giving me the chance to present my plans for my own game. We need explanation” Snow is adding fuel to the fire which made me laugh more. I know they’re just kidding with all these complaints, they understood that I am being strict to them for their own good, but I know they won’t stop bugging me until I explained it to them.

“Okay, here’s the explanation. For the first time, I came to work late. Not just a minute but an hour and a half late. Then she’s waiting there for hours and came here at the office early, I made her wait for so long how am I supposed to get angry?”

“hmm okay don’t be angry at her. And don’t be rough on her; we’re thankful that she came to our company because of that, you come back to us again”


They all came at me with their open arms and gave me warm hugs. These people, they’re irreplaceable.

Chapter 6: New Player

I went back to my office and peek at the window to see if she's already awake. I saw her looking at her small mirror and applying some powder on her face. I wait for her to finish then I slowly opened the door. She stand up as soon as she saw and greeted me a good morning.

"Okay, sit down. I'll check your document and ask you few questions"

"okay sir"

I started to browse her documents and saw she graduated from a fine university three years ago but she does not have any work history. Where did my boss get her, she doesn't have any work experience and I can't see any strong points or qualifications that will satisfy our company. I walk towards the sofa and sat there facing her.

"I'll be blunt."

I looked directly at her eyes, she nod and quickly avoid my gaze.

"What on earth are you doing within those 3 years after your graduation? You're from a good university so I expect you have such ability or special skills that my boss hired you even we're not looking for additional staff in our team, but you don't have any work experience. Do you perhaps work on your own? I mean, do you run your own company, are you developing programs or games on your own? I felt like I'm reading a blank sheet of paper"

I waited for her answer for a bout a minute but she's not answering me, I think she got scared and intimidated. I can't blame her but I believe I'm not wrong to ask such questions either.

"Okay, I--"

"Wait! sir,"

I got startled when she suddenly raised her voice so I shut my mouth and wait for her to talk.

"I'm still constructing my thoughts and my explanation. I'm thinking what to say and what I should not. Also, you're bombarding me with questions I don't know what to answer first...,,, sir"

"Oh, ahm.. ehem, okay you can ahmm take your time "

"Thank you sir"

She get her backpack beside her and took out a brown envelope. She put in on the table.

"Good morning sir, my name is Ellysandra Gumabao. After graduation, I tried applying for different companies but I always fail during interviews, because ahmm I can't answer immediately like what happened a while ago, so ahm I'm thankful sir you gave me chance. Though I'm unemployed within those years I work part time in different resto and I develop my own game at the same time. I already finished one game but companies won't accept or fund it. I am also,"

She look at me first and she's like hesitating so I told her to go on because I'm listening.

"Ahh, I am also ahmm making a robot."

"Robot? What, what kind of robot?"

"I want to make a robot that can help people, like can be their family member. Even robot don't have their own feelings, I want people to treat them like how they treat a pet which they also considered as a family."

"So how's your progress?"

"Ahm back to zero sir."

My head starts to hurt, this robot stuff made my mind to flash memories of me making a robot for which I can't remember doing it.


"The accident that I experienced 2 years ago leads me in selling its parts."

It was the same year when I got into an accident, the same year I lost Shane and Hime.

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