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New Document Vol. 4

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Volume 4

New Document

Chapter 7: User's Profile

The decision whether to hire Ms. Ellysandra or not is not within my hand- my boss already decided for it. After a month of training her, I can definitely say that her skills are beyond ordinary. I can admit I am afraid she'll surpass me in no time. However, there's this one attitude of her that I am having a hard time handling. Her computer is always a mess. There's this one time I have to retrieve a document from her PC because she's not around to give it to me personally and I need it badly, her desktop is full of folder without proper Folder Name and almost all of her reports are labeled "new document". I almost cried searching for the file I need.

"I think you have to render this to debug one feature of the game, then start with the code again. We can put it under maintenance"

The team is currently working on a project that is a mobile game. From the past years they are more focused on online games only available on desktop os personal computers, we are trying to make it available on mobile as well. It's difficult as to the features may have flaws but we're still on it. The leader this time is Snow and Ms. Ellysandra as his assistant leader. I am just their final checker.

"Ms. Ellysandra, will you--"

"It's been a month or so, everyone's calling her Sandra. If you can't call her that, at least drop the 'Ms.' hahha"

"Shut up" I replied with Snow's interruption with what I have to say, everyone around us laughed, they knew that'll be my reply. I don't want to drop the formality because I am distancing myself. After what happened to me, attachment seem to scare me more than anything else.

I instructed her the things she have to accomplish for today and she just nod at everything while telling me she understands.

"And please, rename your files. It's making my day worst whenever I look at your desktop"

"I like it that way..,, sir"

I look at her a bit surprised, no one ever talks back to me, and it's making me feel embarrassed because she said it calm and kind. I can see Snow smirking.

"Ahhh I mean, I like it in ah I mean like messy or what..,, I didn't mean to say that I like it when it makes your day worst, sir" she then realized how shady the words she said, she start panicking and the team enjoyed her, cuteness?? Ardghh Ash what are you thinking

"Okay, just make sure you're always available when I need you to send me certain files."

"Yes, Sir!" She said with her hand making a salute to me.

Clumsy and weird

Chapter 8: Level Up


I heard Snow's voice from my office so I look at his direction. I saw him cheering and all, I guess he already finished the mobile game. I saw him call Ms. Ellysandra and happily showed his screen. It's the first time I saw her smile happily. Both of them are happy and they start giving each other high fives. Amazing how they can get close with each other within a short period of time.

"This is a call for celebration!"

After office hours, our boss arranged a team dinner to celebrate Snow's achievement. We went to a Japanese restaurant as all of us love to eat here. They also ordered champagne but as usual I just ordered ice tea. The table is full of food and also full of stories and laughter. We didn't even notice that it's already late.

"Oh, Ash! I think Sandra will board the same bus as you, you can go together it's already late for her to went home alone."

I don't want to

I want to honestly say this to my boss. It'll be awkward. We're not close enough. I don't want--

"My friend will fetch me, so it's fine ma'am"

Sigh. That's a good save.

They went home one by one until only Ms. Ellysandra and me left at the bus stop. Why is the bus not coming?

"When will your friend be here? It's getting late."

"Hmm a little later sir" she told me while giving me slight smile. The bus arrive and I say my good bye to her.

As I boarded the bus, her smile is distracting me. It's not genuine, it's more of a bitter smile.

"Oh? Sir? Why did you come back, did you left something?"


"Eh? What is it"


Final Volume

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Written by   149
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Hahaha, I can relate at some point. I do have files without a file name, it's just a new document.

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3 months ago

Hahah sometimes I have this kind of files

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3 months ago