Little Alice Liddell Lost in Wonderland

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One of the most well-known children's stories in the world is Alice in Wonderland. New copies of the book have never stopped being printed since it was first published in 1865. While almost everyone can remember the events of the fictional story, only a few individuals are aware of the genuine story behind it.

It all began with Charles Dodgson, an Oxford University mathematician. When the Liddell family arrived, he was photographing a chapel. Henry Liddell, the Dean of Christ Church, Oxford University, lived on campus with his wife and 10 children. Mr. Liddell was accompanied by his three daughters Edith, Lorina, and Alice on the day he met Dodgson. Because photography was still relatively new at the time, the family was overjoyed to have Dodgson photograph their family.

Dodgson was great with the kids and he spent a lot of time at the nursery playing games with the Liddell kids. He began entertaining them with a story about a magical place called Wonderland, but this is based on their real experience when they rode a boat and Alice kept on asking him to tell them stories. Alice was only 4 years old then, but she was the most bossy, confident and adventurous of the three girls. Dodgson fell in love with the little girl and she became his muse (he's already adult, early 20s during that time). He eventually wrote this story about the magical world and published Alice's Adventures in Wonderland under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. Little did he know that his book would become a worldwide phenomenon and scholars would analyze his life over the years, revealing dark secrets that may have been hidden in his mind.

A lot of people suspects that he's a phedophile. But, during that era the age of consent is 12 y/o. He even photographed naked kids but then again it is a form of art that expressed innocence so it is not a crime during that time as long as with the parents' consent. However, his feelings for little Alice is evident from his entries on his Diary but he's suppressing it.

For a year, Dodgson wrote this story, practiced illustration, sketched real rabbits, and tried to reproduce faces in Alice's photos in great detail. All of his characters' faces looked somewhat sad, and some believe that the sly white rabbit was modeled after him. After creating the perfect manuscript, he gave it to Alice Liddell as a Christmas present in a self-published book called Alice's Adventures Underground. On the front page was written "In commemoration of a summer day".

Page from Original manuscript of Lewis Caroll

It was believe that after some time the friendship between Liddel and Dodgson are broken without confirmed reasons, but theories and speculation circle until today.

So I think this is just one of the the Child Stories that hold a different truth about it.

See yah at another history unlocking!

With love and curiousity,

curiouscath, Charlotte

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Never knew of this... So my mga behind d scene real stories pala ang ibng bed time stories.inspired lng tlga...

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Yes pooo, it's just weird really that 24 yr old Dodgson having feelings for a 4 yr old, even tho he didn't directly admit it.

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