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Passive income in crypto by searchingūü§Ē

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1 year ago

Hey, community!!!

Presearch, Every new crypto users out there will definitely come across this term. In this article, we will see

  • What is presearch?

  • Why it is important?

  • How u will benefit by using it and also earn passive income out of it

What is Presearch?

Well, when u want to know about something that u don't know what will u usually do?

Usually, u take your lap or your phone launch your browser of choice and will search in google for the most part. In doing the same, google could and will collect most of the information from u and will serve u a bucket load of ads in return.

This is where Presearch comes in. When u search in research your search info will be sent through various nodes run by various computers with different owners and delivers u the result. This makes presearch completely decentralized and u can search for anything with great privacy in the process of doing this u can also get passive income just by using it.

Why do people like u and I should use Presearch?

Now that you know we’re talking about a search engine, why would anyone want to step away from the search giant, Google? There are multiple reasons for this:

  • Improved search results

  • User control over data and privacy

  • Payment for contributing value to the ecosystem

  • Decentralization of search ecosystem

Let's take a look at the Pre ecosystem

Presearch is building a complete ecosystem to support the PRE token and provide the world with a decentralized search engine that is powered by the community, for the community.

The ecosystem includes:

  • Presearch token

  • Decentralized search engine

  • Presearch nodes

  • Keyword staking

  • Presearch marketplace

  • Ethereum blockchain

Presearch token

The presearch PRE token is the governance token of the platform and when u search u are also rewarded with it which makes it a passive way of earning.

Decentralized Search Engine

When u search through presearch your information is passed through various nodes run by various systems so no single power is a monopoly here which makes it decentralized.

Presearch Nodes

Presearch Node programming can be introduced by anybody on their PC or abundance worker ability to help power the new Presearch decentralized web crawler. By running hub programming, administrators help slither the web for the data expected to answer client search inquiries. In return for giving registering assets, the individuals who stake PRE tokens to run search hubs can acquire PRE prizes to balance the expense of facilitating and give motivation to more hubs to join the arrange and give high-caliber, dependable help.

Keyword Staking

When u stake your earned PRE through searching u can use it for multiple purposes. When u stake your PRE in the network this empowers anybody to submit a measure of PRE on any watchword and become the top staker of this catchphrase. Thusly, your ad promotion will show up when individuals look for your watchword. This is unbelievably fascinating for clients who need to advance their referral programs, for entrepreneurs, and for influencers who need to expand their crowd.

Presearch Marketplace

The Presearch Marketplace enables keyword stakers and node stakers, as well as project supporters to purchase PRE tokens directly from the project with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USD.

Ethereum Blockchain

The Ethereum blockchain enables PRE token holders to easily transfer, sell, buy and store their PRE tokens, as well as view all transactions on the network in an open, transparent manner.


This is Presearch more or less. In case you're keen on accomplishing more exploration yourself, you can do as such at The web index itself can be found at

Individuals search to take care of issues, get questions replied to, much the same as we look for things on Quora. It's one of the main things throughout everyday life, and that is no embellishment. In this way, it's unfathomably significant we're mindful of the alternatives that are out there. To know how our information is (mis)used, and to know whether we're being given the most pertinent (and nonpartisan) data accessible.

I'll cheerfully respond to any inquiries in the remarks not surprisingly.

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I hope this article is helpful to u, I would like to hear your thoughts on this. If u have any doubt about investing or if u want my thoughts about a particular project pls comment down below.

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Written by   83
1 year ago
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How many coins are needed for keyword staking and how many months / years are required to earn them without referrals. Just by search? Are search results better than on google ? Thanks

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1 year ago

Search results are similar to google no big difference there but sometimes when u search like say calculator google search itself opens a calculator but u cant get than in presearch that's all. It's not a big deal and if u are not satisfied with the search result there will be a tab on the left side to always revert back to google so no problem there.

Keyword staking is different there is no minimum staking requirement what the requirement Take google for example while u search brave browser ads are shown to download brave in the search result, not 1 ad u can find many ads these are arranged based on the price similar to that if say u stake your ad on brave browser for 1000 Pre someone else staked the same brave browser ad for 2000 Pre their ad will be shown first and your ad will be second to them and what the good thing is u don't need to pay with your Pre tokens u are just staking them and u will be rewarded for that too for that staking.

Once u created your acc u can start earning per search u are done using presearch u will get 0.25 pre tokens per day u can receive up to 8 tokens and once u received 1000 pre tokens in your reward acc u can withdraw them to any external wallet or to do staking or to inbuilt savings acc in the site. I need to add one more point here if the system found that u are misusing the reward system u may get banned but that won't happen unless u really misuse it. To reach 1000 Pre tokens without any referrals if u get 8 tokens per day it will take 125 days to withdraw your tokens but everybody loves to earn money passively just tell whom u may know abt this I am sure they will use this service

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1 year ago

Very informative article.

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1 year ago

tq bro

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1 year ago