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Free Bitcoin - All Possible Ways

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1 year ago

As u all know the bull market has started and BTC going to rally even more than the 2017 bull run. So, it is essential to have BTC in your portfolio even more than before. I have already written an article about ways u can get bitcoin for free this is an updated article from that. Here I include all types of ways to get bitcoin with and without investment.

Disclaimer: I am not your financial adviser and all information available below is for purely educational purposes. Please verify all of the Information before using it and don't make any investment decision except upon the advice of a professional financial adviser. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The value and income derived from investments may go down as well as up.

lets get into see all the possible ways u can get free bitcoin do also note that some offers also include little investment.

First without any investment

Faucet crypto

Faucet crypto is one of the high paying cryptos in the network. They are providing PTC ads, short links, and also offerwalls and so much more they are having 4.7 stars in Trustpilot and also. And u can also get bonus rewards every few hours. This is definitely the highest paying faucet out there period.

Cryptotab browser

Cryptotab is basically a browser that offers free bitcoin mining on your mobile and pc. In your pc, it mines monero using your computer hardware and they will convert it into bitcoin. Don’t fear as it will not entirely use your computer resources, u can run it in the background and u can use the computer without any issues of slowing down as the app is well optimized. In your mobile, it is mined through cloud mining and will not use your mobile resources.

Cryptotab is the best way that I think to get free BTC daily as it will not provide less BTC when the bitcoin price increases like faucets it always provides the same amount. They also recently increased their mining speed in every system by 10 times its existing speed before. And it has a 10 tier referral system so the more your network goes the more your mining power the more BTC u will get. So as far as I am concern all should have cryptotab as it offers stable bitcoin mining without any investment.


Lolli is the best cashback site every crypto user should and must have. They offer the best cashback on purchases over 1000+ top stores in the US. Bummer it’s only available in the US though. Lolli currently provides cashback ranging from 1% to all the way up to 20% and the cool thing is that the cashback is converted immediately in its USD value. Which is a good thing if the received cashback BTC increases its value on the month-end u will be having a good profit.


Wirex is a multi-currency ledger and credit card issuer for both fiat currency and cryptocurrency. Basically what u need to do is transfer your crypto to wirex wallet get a credit limit and purchase using wirex credit card. For every purchase, u will get up to 1.5% cashback in bitcoin. Wirex combined with Lolli u can get massive cash back for every purchase u make on these platforms.


The fold app is similar to Lolli. Basically, u will purchase through their site in 1000+ shops and u will be getting bitcoin as cashback. They also have their own credit card with a cashback. The cashback is converted immediately into its USD value. Which is a good thing if the received cashback BTC increases its value on the month-end u will be having a good profit.


Cryptogrind is basically a freelancing site similar to Where u work for anyone and u will get bitcoin as payment for every work u do. Everything u do in cryptogrind platform functions with bitcoin.

With Investment


Swissborg is an exchange app and also a wallet service provider for crypto. They are also offering yield farming on USDC for 20% p.a. They are currently promoting the app by offering bitcoin to anyone in Europe who invest 50 euro or more. What u need to do is install the app finish KYC and invest 50 euro and u will get a reward ticket like that one is above the reward ticket will be ranging from 10 euro all the way up to 100 euro and what the good part is it u will be getting it in bitcoin.

Okex exchange

After the recent commotion happened in okex exchange to get more new users they are currently giving $10 in crypto when u invest $100 on any crypto in the exchange. U will also get $50 in BTC after finishing KYC and complete the trading milestone. They also have a BTC reward just like coinbase where they will provide a learning mission and will ask for a quiz, in return they will provide u BTC daily.


Kriptomat is basically an exchange like coinbase and binance. U need to do KYC for acquiring this offer. What u need to do is invest and trade 100 euro worth of crypto and u will be receiving 10 euro worth of BTC in return.

Cloud Mining

Now we get into the mining side. The first one we have is When it comes to cloud mining 90 percent of the sites are fake. U cant find a rite site that easily. Some of them still pay and some first pays then stop paying. As for as me, I have invested and used and taken 3 to 4 payments.

That being said the site is still working and I have withdrawn my bitcoin recently from the site and also take note I don't know when it will stop working, nothing is certain in the crypto world. There is a promotion going on in as they provide 100ghs mining speed for free. check into it if u wish so. It also has a Trustpilot rating of 4.7. As a signup bonus, they are providing 100 ghs for free. I have also included the payment proof on this site.


Excelminer is similar to but when u buy hash power u can buy in agreement for one year or two years. I have started to recently use this and they are currently providing excellent service. Also, they have excellent customer support. They will support u in all types of queries. They are currently having a promotional period when u refer excelmining to your friends it will provide u 7.5ghs for every friend u refer. Also as a sign-up bonus, they are providing 50 ghs for free.  

Crypto gambling sites

There are many gambling sites are there online some of them are legit some of them are scams. So pls ensure it is safe before u invest in any platform. That being said not everyone out there doesn't know how to gamble and this is not everyone's cup of tea.

Some crypto gambling sites also provide faucets and even they provide high paying faucet even if u are not gambling on the platform u can collect bitcoin from its faucets. Some famous sites are

Crypto Lending Wallets


Celsius is a crypto lending platform where u can lend your asset to Celsius and in return, u will be getting compounded interest in your crypto. For example, if u have BTC on any exchanges transfer the BTC to Celsius, and u will be getting interest in your BTC. How they are doing this is by lending out the cryptos to institutional clients and they are paying u with it. It is the same as the bank where u will invest money and u will earn interest but the interest rate will be high. U can check out all the details here.


Nexo is similar to what Celsius is offering. U lend your crypto to Nexo and u will be getting interest in your digital asset. A unique thing about Nexo is that the rewards are paid out daily.

If u are yet to open a new account or if u have opened the account but have not yet deposited any amount in the wallet now is the best time to do so. Here are the reasons...

All you have to do is add assets to your Nexo Savings Wallet for the first time between December 1 and December 31, and we will triple your earnings for the month and payout the bonus interest in BTC!

What it is as soon as u invest your asset in Nexo the very next day u will start to earn interest in crypto whether it is in kind or Nexo token (do note one thing if u switch to earn in nexo the interest rate will be higher and the token its slowly picking up in value and u will also earn dividends on Nexo token in the company's profit). At the end of December, they will take the interest u earned in any asset and double it in USD value, and will deposit in your wallet in bitcoin. So u are earning interest already and also u get bonus interest every day in BTC. U can view the details here.



Blockfi is similar to Celsius to nexo. U lend out crypto to the platform and interest will be paid out on them. Blockfi currently having a massive promotion when u transfer $350 in cryptocurrency u will get $50 in bitcoin. U can view it in detail abt here.

 I hope this article is helpful to u, I would like to hear your thoughts on this. If u have any doubt about investing or if u want my thoughts about a particular project pls comment down below.

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Written by   83
1 year ago
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good, very good... but, this miners is legit?

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1 year ago

I have taken payments from almost 7 times that's why I can show u the proof I would recommend miningcompany but I am not your financial advisor (Note: the last withdrawal from miningcompany was withdrawn yesterday abt 0.0005 BTC)

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1 year ago

Great article!

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