Status Crypto Messenger v1.20 Release

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5 months ago

As the Web3 area and crypto adoption are growing - there are more reasons to use Status crypto messenger. As you have there also Web3 browser, your wallet, and just, to be honest, it's good sometimes to have some other place to communicate than Telegram.

A while ago for only 10 SNT I registered ENS domain name cryptotexty.stateofus.eth (you can message me on Status or you can send me some ETH or tokens using this domain) and then was lucky to get ENS token airdrop! It came just in time

So Status version 1.20 introduces experimental support for mutual contact requests, Wallet Connect support, performance improvements, and a lot of bug fixes. Status is transparent as the entire project is open source.

This is the last feature release of the Status Mobile app in it's version 1.x incarnation. All of Status development efforts will be fully focused on getting the new fully redesigned Status mobile 2.0 app ready to launch. This redesigned Status Mobile 2.0 will include the Status Communities group chat functionality and an all-new wallet designed and built for multi-chain from the ground up.

The major updates of v1.20:

Wallet Connect Support

Experimental Support for Mutual Contact Requests

Performance Improvements

Improvement in Syncing Multiple Devices

ENS Redistribution Notification Banner

More details on each of the updates:

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5 months ago