SEEDS - the Ecosystem built on Telos which hopes to empower humanity and heal our planet

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SEEDS (Sowing Ecological, Equitable & Decentralized Societies) position themselves as a payment platform and financial ecosystem to empower humanity and heal our planet.
The photo above screenshot from SEEDs app, which is more than a digital wallet, it is - "passport to a regenerative society". The world regenerative you will find many times on the SEEDs web-site: "Regenerate Money", "regenerative economy". And what's interesting with SEEDS is that they are trying not to build just on more crypto project, but the whole ecosystem.

Some of their ideas and mottos sound like utopia for me "Create a global, transparent, equitable economy that better distributes voice and value to the people and planet that comprise it." Similar things we can hear from politicians or some huge companies which include similar words in description of their corporate mission. And that's very ambitious for a new project to have such big goals: Economical Renaissance, Universal Earned Income, Healthier Money, Supporting a Healthier Ecology.

The roadmap shows that ecosystem should be ready at the end of 2020. There are SEEDS Alliances - some organizations already joined them. And in the beginning of 2021 all the changes in SEEDS will be up to the Citizens of SEEDS (according to roadmap).
While it's hard to predict how the general crypto ecosystem will grow and develop till then, let's focus on some other aspects of SEEDs

SEEDS as a currency

"Seeds - Intrinsically Stable Currency
Why keep your value in a currency that’s depreciating in value? Seeds are programmed for stability through creating and destroying Seeds to meet demand. SEEDS employs several supporting protocols and layers from dynamic supply emission to a full reserve “Seed Bank” (replacing many core functions of our banks today).

Seeds are programmed to be intrinsically stable. More stable in fact than government-issued currencies which consistently lose value and most, highly volatile cryptocurrencies." (From Seeds web-site and 2-pager)

That's if in brief, as there 2 big document Token Allocation and Economics paper - 44 pages
and Seeds Constitution - 74 pages, which also addresses economic issues.

Well, for me it sounds that stability is hard to achieve for almost any cryptocurrency in this volatile period. For example today I bought SEEDS at 0.35 TLOS, I could put an order 0,24 TLOS (which would be the first to perform) but I didn't want to wait, I wanted to test application. And Telos itself was very volatile last days. I will refer to these numbers when I will re-read this article months later.
To simplify we can say that supply and demand and the market forces will decide. If there will be enough of the demand, all or at least some of SEEDS plans might be implemented.

SEEDS as application
As I mentioned earlier, the application is not just a wallet, but the passport which also includes social, networking, cooperation, market and economic features. You can "Plant" SEEDS (deposit like in a bank and receive interest), you can "Harvest", you can collect badges. There is a marketplace, the forum (already working, I posted a comment there) and Cooperation section.
Even before the release you can login to app with you Telos account (you'll need to use your private key).
It's possible to invite new people to app paying 5 SEEDs for their account and there is some reward program for new users.

SEEDS as Telos based project
SEEDS are based on Telos blockchain, so the transactions are free, resources (CPU, NET, RAM) are cheap. Moreover Telos community is very active and it seems cooperation between Telos and SEEDS will bring the synergy effect.
For example I heard about SEEDS from the Telos community, and the architect of this project Rieki Cordon is often guest at different Telos conferences, AMAs. So let's observe how the project is growing!

Telos Telegram
SEEDS web-site
SEEDS Telegram

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