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CryptoCards company specializes in corporate ATM debit cards solutions. They have extensive experience in working with companies from such industries as forex, gambling, cryptocurrencies, real estate, corporate management, and others. For many companies, they have successfully set up card programs enabling them to issue Visa, Mastercard or Union Pay cards to their employees and customers. The cards can be used for loyalty payments, payroll, commission, refunds, and payout and other similar purposes.

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Imagine connecting the cards to your customers’ accounts with your company and letting them make withdrawals to the cards instead of sending bank payments. Lower cost, more convenience, less delays with cross-border banking.

The cards can of course be loaded via bank transfers (including SWIFT, SEPA, and local deposits in some countries) as well as via bitcoin and other major crypto currencies.

From a small batch of cards to a large corporate program – we are sure we will find a solution to suit your business needs.


  • Issue ATM debit cards to your customers and employees.

  • No approval needed.

  • Access to cash everywhere in the world.

  • No name debit cards with high loading and withdrawal limits.

  • Withdraw cash or pay for services online and offline.

  • Forex and gambling companies are accepted.

  • Loading via bank transfers, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies

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