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Angry Warlord - Exciting mobile game built on Telos blockchain

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2 years ago

Angry Warlord is a new mobile game produced by Gemslab.
The game is simple so even small children can play in it. Warlord on rhinoceros is running and killing enemies, flying over the barriers and collecting items (On the bottom right you can see 4 things such as shield, wings, boots and horseshoe, you can use them while playing and you can buy them additionally).

You can download the game here:
Thank if you put my nickname as referrer: crypto1.lord

I've reached 10th level by playing it, (in Total it seems there are 30 levels now) and it's really hard to reach next Level 15. I've reached level 13 or even 14, but after dying in game you need either to pay gems or start from the level 10 (as in my case, or 5, 15, 20). I was even #21 or higher in global rank)

What's special in this game and why I decided to write about it, is because it is built on the Telos blockchain.
Yes, most of the users won't notice it. I also didn't understand in the beginning, that at the registration Telos account is created.

This is how the dashboard looks like. You can see the account in the top left. In my case the account is: crypto1.lord
So I checked it on the telos block explorer
And the I sent the GEMs (As Telos token) to my main account: cryptotext1
At the top right if you click "+" you will be able to buy Gems, items and you can also transfer your gems to another Telos account.

What's more interesting is that GEM token is already listed on Newdex and you can trade it:
I sold some GEMs, bought more, and then sold more.
Of course now GEMs can't cost much as in the application 10 000 GEMS costs $5 (you can buy it with a card attached to your google play) so this kind of sets upper price barrier for now. Which makes 1 GEM only 0.0178 Telos (as I write this post) and yesterday I managed to sell some Gems for 0.0119 TLOS
Right now the price for GEMs is lower, but that's not a financial advise)

Killing enemy is profitable. For killed enemies you receive GEMs, so this games introduces kind of game-mining token aspect.
You can update your Rhino from "Guard" (as it is on the screenshot) to "Fire" (10k GEMs) or "Gloom" (30k GEMs), and also you can buy items, and be able to continue the game from the latter checkpoint.
But not only the better player experience might be the reason to buy Gems, but also economic incentive. The higher level is your Rhino - the more it collects Gems per killed enemy.
So you can game-mine more tokens, and then as crypto-optimists we believe that cryptocurrencies will rise in price in general and Telos particularly and Gem tokens will rise as well.

I think this game is good example how new app have the potential to bring more new people to the Telos world. For example when users will discover they can do many other things with their Telos account, or they will receive some other tokens by airdrops, the game developers might think about possibility to export the Telos accounts from the game.

You can learn more about Telos here:
Angry Warlord Telegram Community:
Gemslab Ambassador Program:

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Written by   209
2 years ago
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