Algorand Governance - Short video with voting

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Blockchain governance is one of my main areas of interest and I continue to study it and participate when possible.

I decided to record this short video to show you some basics from the Algorand governance, as many of my readers/viewers still don't know about ALGO as these days we have many cryptocurrencies.

This is governance period #2. I took part in the first one, but I had to move my ALGO committed (I had to sell some) so I wasn't eligible to vote.

As I write these lines: 124.9M Algo Stake voted so far, Governors voted 10.4K and the voting will take place till Feb 28, 2022

If you registered as governor - you can vote, but if you didn't, or if you don't have ALGO - you can register in the next period in the future.

Of course, if you have ALGO and if you plan to hold it for a while - that's reasonable to vote, as there will be rewards.

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