10th Kyiv Ethereum Meetup

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2 weeks ago

Today I attended the 10th Ethereum Meetup in Kyiv, Ukraine. It took place in Unit city. It's been a while since I was here. Last time I was here late evening in November 2021, before the full-scale war. I noticed a lot of cars on the parking. And the construction of Unit Homes, elite real estate for IT audience is going on. These are good tendencies. This means that despite the war which is going on, the economy is growing at least in some particular IT directions.

The first speech was by Pavlo Kravchenko, CEO at Distributed Lab. Pavlo spoke about his path starting from studying cryptography, writing PhD thesis, working at Stellar (XLM) and founding Distributed Lab. He said that he has vision and plans for the next 20 years to work in cryptocurrency industry. Interesting and informal speech.

Second speech was by Ivan Pavlovskyy, CEO at Incrypted. I know this media well, as I started around the same time my media, Cryptotexty. Ivan spoke with jokes about his path as crypto-media.

So in general that's great that such meetups take place. As I said in one of my questions, we have a new generation of crypto-enthusiasts and crypto-entrepreneurs. Today (as the third Thursday of May) was the World Vyshyvanka Day and many people in Kyiv (including me) wore vyshyvankas (embroidered shirt).

There was a nice networking with pizza, good exchange of information. I was happy to see familiar faces from the past as well as many younger people. Even more crypto events are coming to Kyiv, so if you like to travel and if you are not afraid to visit Ukraine - come to visit our crypto capital!

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That was a great experience to have. I am sure you learned a lot from them.

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