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Sex and Crypto, combining the best of both world (Part 1)

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1 year ago

While brainstorming about the next topic for my blog, I came across about this Bitcoin Cash sponsored Projects in One of the projects that made me giggle was this Freevibe which won an honorable mention award. As to what exactly that award is, it is unclear to me. Perhaps, the fact that this project is being mentioned in the official blog of the is the award itself. Haha.

So, what is Freevibe? FreeVibe is a vibrator that responds whenever it receives Bitcoin Cash. If you are not familiar with vibrator, I leave it to your own initiative to search it via Google or better using Presearch because you get awarded with tokens for every search. But please, only do this if you are over 18 years old!

This discovery gave me a eureka moment! I told myself why not blog about sex and crypto? There seems to be very few writers on this topic. So, I buckled down to work and started scribbling about these very odd topics. Here it goes.

Sex and Crypto

These two are seemingly unrelated words but they have a lot of things in common. First, they both cater to the most primal needs of human beings which are: sexual satisfaction and greed.

Second, both were considered, initially, as something of a taboo topic by the establishment. But overtime, these two gradually gained acceptance.

Third, both were repressed. With respect to sex, by the religious authorities while crypto was undermined by the government and financial authorities.

Fourth, they can be sources of innovation and creativity; the way Greeks and Renaissance men and women were inspired to express sex through sculptures, paintings, literature and other forms of arts, this can happen to crypto currency and blockchain technology as well.

Fifth, both have natural tendency to attract each other. It goes to show that it is not only those opposites that attract. Rather, it is equally true that "birds of the same feather, flock together".

Let me share then to you some interesting discoveries that combined sex and crypto to have the best of both worlds. I will start with my first discovery.


This product is a sex toy developed by Ashley Sherwood. The product was built with the sex workers in mind who are struggling to find work and who have ventured to online paid sex services during this time of pandemic. The duration and intensity of the vibration depend on the amount of Bitcoin cash deposited. This product can be found in this website:

This is also the promotional video about the site.

Spankchain advertises itself as "pleasure on blockchain". It offers an online adult entertainment which accepts crypto currency as mode of payment. Leveraging on the power of blockchain, it charges lower fee compared to the other adult-oriented websites. If this is already good for users, just wait to hear what I am to say next.

The website also offers its native token appropriately called "BOOTY", an ERC20 stablecoin which can be staked for additional profit in the Spankbank. As a stablecoin, 1 BOOTY equals $1 worth of SpankPay fees, so by staking SPANK you can generate additonal BOOTY to offset your fees. Users are also rewarded with additional Booty for each referral who joined the site.


Continuing with our theme that "sex sells" especially when crypto is involved, this domain 'sex.crypto' sold for 230 ETH. Using current value of ETH of $1,780, this domain is now worth $409,400. The domain extension .crypto is generated by Unstoppable Domains and is censorship-resistant. The transaction, which occurred on OpenSea's token marketplace, was completed by a user named Maxstealth. Currently, he owns 196 .crypto domains in total

I made some investigation about this guy and there appears to be a twitter handle @Maxstealth5 who is also crypto investor. Readers might want to get in touch with him for confirmation.

Writing about sex does not mean promiscuity. I am an independent lady who lives in a free society so I am can write anything I want. Mostly, I blog about topics that are not discussed frequently, those that interesting and challenging. Yeah, it's crazy that I need to make this disclaimer.


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Written by   138
1 year ago
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wow , its amazing that they could think of integrating sex toys with the crypto . Really human brain is limitsless

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1 year ago

very well done. we need more articles here that bring us new and interesting information! thank you.

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1 year ago

Thanks my friend, appreciate your encouragement as always :D

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1 year ago