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First Impression Series, Part 4: Presearch's Secret Browser Project

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1 year ago

I wanted to join the PRESEARCH writing contest but faster bloggers beat me on the topics I wanted to write about.  

So I brainstormed about possible topics. I asked myself, what other products out there that might be related to internet search but haven't been covered by other PRESEARCH blogs? 

Bitcoinbaby has written already combining a crypto-rewarding browser with PRESEARCH to maximize earning in crypto.  This blog can be found hereBitcoinbaby, you own me a tip for this free ad! And based on this browser's press releases and roadmap, the company that developed this browser is also building its search engine on its own.  

If this browser is building its own search engine, could it be possible that PRESEARCH is doing the same thing in reverse? Is PRESEARCH secretly developing its own browser?

This tickled my curiosity and I typed into my search engine (PRESEARCH of course!) the key words, "PRESEARCH Browser" which displayed this:

At first glance, I didn't find anything useful for my blog.  The only search result that is relevant to the browser search is the PRESEARCH browser extension.  But I persisted.  I clicked every search result and that's when I got lucky.  The link on PRESEARCH App directed me to the Google Playstore and this one gave me what I was looking for.  

 Google Playstore classifies this as mobile app or even tools. I have my suspicion already that this was more than an app.

What App has a single purpose of returning search results? A browser, right?  

After installation, I wasted no time in using it.  The first use directed me to a quick tour which further confirmed my guess.  I was 100% correct.

The quick tour was lightning fast and covered only the basic features such as Tab System and Voice Search.

Account Creation

To use PRESEARCH as search engine, it is not necessary to create a PRESEARCH account.

But why would you not want to earn extra money for doing the things that you do for free with other search engines? 

To earn PRE coins, which is the reward for every PRESEARCH search, you have to create an account.  Creating an account is very simple; just enter your email, password and confirm your password. Don't forget that pesky CAPTCHA to prove you are not a bot!


All the basic features of a browser are there:

1. Refresh

2. Bookmark

3. Tab System

4. Quick Search

5. Search History

6. Omni Search Box

7. PRESEARCH Homepage  

I tested this browser to check if it can handle the typical needs of internet users such as:

Browser Games - I like it that I can play chess and other browser games.  I tested it at and

Video and Video Streaming - Watching videos and streaming work fine.  I tested it at and

Podcast - You can also listen to your favorite podcast using this browser.  I tested it at

Social Media - Instant Messaging also works in and

Trading and Interactive Charts - You can also trade and play with interactive charts using this browser. I tested it at and

Online Banking - It works fine with my online banking account.  I was able to log-in and check my balance.  

My Honest Verdict

Simplicity seems to be the virtue of the PRESEARCH Browser.  It addresses the basic needs of an average internet user like those I have mentioned earlier.  It only requires 26MB and Android 4.1 which make it accessible to low end mobile gadgets.  The average rating in Google Playstore is 4-Stars which is high but with over 100,000 only, the reach of this browser is not yet significant to compete with more established browser in the market out there.  The last time this browser was updated was in June, 2020.  

It can play a role in certain market niche, especially the market of crypto enthusiasts and those who are tired of Google's extractive and predatory corporate practices of mining everyone's data.  But this market is slowly shrinking with other competitors out there.  If PRESEACH's browser is to be a credible competitor of other browsers, new features must be added that strengthens its brand, brand loyalty and its competitive advantage.  


I do not have any connection with the company I am writing about. I am not being paid to write this article.

I do this to spread awareness to other readers and users about various platforms using crypto currency and blockchain technology. If you like my content, please hit like and subscribe. Any amount of tip would be appreciated as I spend also countless hours to test and experiment these services so that I could write about them and in the process, get you informed.

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Written by   138
1 year ago
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your articles are getting better and better (and they started out quite excellent!)

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1 year ago

Heya Tom, thanks for the Tip, I haven't seen new blogs from you? Busy with your dog, I suppose?

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1 year ago

many things in my life, actually, mostly my wife's recent surgery. she is doing well, though, and i have a bit more free time for the next few weeks. i've got a backlog of articles to read!

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1 year ago

That's good to hear that she's recovering, take care her well :D.

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1 year ago

I also entered the contest and lost. But I got $ 5 off my twitter section

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1 year ago

Lucky you, I didn't get anything. My article might be too critical to them.haha

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1 year ago

you just need to be patient and keep writing

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1 year ago

Nice sis! Haha samantalang yung sinulat ko kaengengan lang hahhaa

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1 year ago

hahaha, di nga nanalo ito Sis, nganga lang!

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1 year ago