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Do It Myself (DIM) Series, Part 4: How to use Chaintip

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3 months ago

Good day everyone!

Thank you for patronizing this blog series of mine. This Do It Myself (DIM) Series is one of the most popular blog series I have made. In this new blog, I continue to test products so you don't have to. So, let's see what I have in store for you.

This product that we are going to review is a tipping bot. I must admit I have very bad experience with bots especially bots in Telegram. You could say I have BOTPHOBIA (a new term I just made hahaha). I learned about Chaintip when I was researching for different means of earning crypto last December, 2021. It is only now that I got the chance to try it.

Product Category - Tipping Bot

Website -

Advertisement -Tip with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) users in Twitter, Reddit and Github.

Tasks - Look for an interesting user in either in Twitter, Reddit and Github. Give a Bitcoin Cash tip to that user. For this test, I tested only Twitter since I don't have Reddit and Github accounts.

The user who received my tip is a local social media influencer in the Philippines. He is a Syrian who lives in Philippines. He does a lot of charity work and we could say that the tip we will give to him are additions to his charity work.

I selected him because in, I created a Chamber called "TipYourCelebrity". The goal of this Chamber is popularize and Bitcoin Cash by engaging these celebrities in their social media accounts through mass and simultaneous tipping from users. If I could just get a public comment from him about my Bitcoin Cash donation then I have accomplished the goal of the Chamber. He has a Youtube channel with 4M subscriber and a twitter account also with 3,333 subscriber.

Account Creation - There is no need to create a Chaintip account. All you need is an account in Twitter, Reddit or Github.

Steps in Giving Tips

Step 1. Open your Twitter Account. Follow the Account of Chaintip and go to the Profile of the user you want to tip.

Step 2. Select the tweet that you want to tip. In my case, I selected the latest one. Click the REPLY button and type your message and press SEND. To enable the bot, you should tag, chaintip following this sample message format:

Format: "Type your message here @chaintip"

Sample Message: "Hi, I appreciate your effort of helping people in need. Here's a small donation in Bitcoin Cash to reach more people. @chaintip"

Here's a screen shot of my donation for illustration purposes.

Step 3. Immediately, you will receive a Twitter Notification from Chaintip with the following standard message:

This notification says that Chaintip created a Bitcoin Cash wallet address for the recipient of the tip where the fund could be transferred.

Step 4. Go to your external wallet, ensure that it has funds. In my case, I used my account in this site because I have some Bitcoin Cash income there. By the way, there are other blogsites where you can earn crypto while reading and writing blogs. Try and

Back to this step, enter the amount you want to give away and input the Bitcoin Cash wallet address. Afterwards, press SEND.

If transfer is successful you will get this message from,

and another Twitter notification from chaintip.

That's it, you have successfully given a tip to another user. If the tip is unclaimed within a week, the tip will be returned to you. So be sure to send chaintip a copy of your Bitcoin Cash wallet address.


Chaintip is definitely a legitimate tipping bot in Twitter. I have seen several Twitter accounts using this frequently to tip their favorite content creators. Foremost users that I have observed to be using this bot include:




Make sure you follow them on Twitter and post good content about Bitcoin Cash and if they like your content, you can get tip directly from them.

However, I cannot tell you yet the steps how to receive the tip as I have never received any tip yet from anybody. There is an instruction in the but never tested it. Maybe, you can try sending one for me! Sorry for this shameless self-promotion hahaha. This is my Twitter account: @cryptoph7.


I do not have any connection with the company I am writing about. I am not being paid to write this article.

I do this to spread awareness to other readers and users about various platforms using crypto currency and blockchain technology. If you like my content, please hit like and subscribe. Any amount of tip would be appreciated as I spend also countless hours to test and experiment these services so that I could write about them and in the process, get you informed.

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Written by   130
3 months ago
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more people need to know about this service! i actually didn't realize it worked on Twitter until you started posting about it, hehe. nice work!

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3 months ago

Agree Tom, it is another way of making BCH popular. It is well integrated in these mainstream social media platforms.

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3 months ago