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Magic Eden Slobbers On Polygon

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2 months ago

Since it is Web3 Wednesday, I feel compelled to remind you of this deal. It’s good for only one week. So check it out and see if it’s for you. HINT: It’s definitely for you.

Let’s Get On With The Web3 Bonanza, Shall We?

Magic Eden integrates with PolygonIf Magic Eden keeps branching out, it could eventually overtake OpenSea as the leading NFT marketplace. But it still has a long way to go.

The Onion launches its own NFT collectionAnd they’re laughing all the way to the bank! Seriously, if you don’t spend two minutes on this, you’re the joke.

Is Web3 the next phase of the Internet, or just a gimmick? Has FTX ensured Web3 will never get off the groundScandals come and go. FTX fooled a lot of people, but the best way to learn a really good lesson and make it stick is to be fooled by fools.

Is Twitter the perfect use case to prove the necessity for Web3 social media? Word has it that Elon Musk is encrypting Twitter’s direct messages. Has Musk dismantled content moderationIn many ways, Twitter showcases the weaknesses of Web2 social platforms, pre- and post-Musk acquisition. Centralization has its problems, and some of those problems can only be addressed through decentralization. I discuss this in some detail in both Cryptosocial: How Cryptocurrencies Are Changing Social Media and Web3 Social: How Creators Are Changing the World Wide Web.

Do you have a long-term view of Web3Who’s giving Web3 a bad name? It isn’t centralized but regulated companies like Coinbase and Kraken. Rather, it’s unregulated and centralized off-shore crypto firms operating with lack of transparency. Does that mean more regulation is needed, or more decentralization? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

TikTok was instrumental in leading to the arrest of two Russians over e-book piracyPeer-to-peer file sharing is nothing new. Netflix pioneered it for music when the rest of the world was playing around on GeoCities and Six Degrees. Then, music artist associations got involved, took them to court, and Netflix was forced to change their business model. No one got arrested. Something about this makes me think these fellows got the short end because of their nationality. Are these guys the new Sacco and Vanzetti?

Mattel launches an NFT marketplace for its Hot Wheels lineMattel is getting into NFTs like Spotify is into Joe Rogan. The company has already released NFTs for its Barbie line. If there’s anything that could get me excited about NFTs, it’s Hot Wheels. Zoom zoom!

One DJ named Steve Aoki became a Web3 entrepreneur and wants to tell you how you can make money in Web3This is more than a how-to. It’s a feature story that is also a GREAT READ.

Source: Ethan Miller | Getty Images via

“Metaverse” could become Oxford’s word of the yearIs the metaverse inevitable, even if Meta bites the dust?

Play2earn game Splinterlands is laying off 45 percent of staffIt’s a pandemic.

Nike launches Web3 education and digital collectibles platform called .SWOOSH.

What happens when taxation and privacy have a fender bender?

Web3 and the Internet of Things hold hands in public.

Gaming doesn’t need crypto, but gamers mightIf Web3 developers need to learn one lesson, it’s this: End users don’t care about crypto as much as they care about usability. If your game sucks, players won’t play it. Hyping up the ability to earn your shitcoin isn’t going to entice anyone to play your game. Game mechanics must be at least as good as the current popular Web2 games. If it isn’t, you can shove your tokens into your quarter slot.

Ukraine goes all in on Web3. Not only that, but FIFA, the world’s biggest futbol (soccer) association, is wedding Web3 in a special World Cup nuptial. Saudi Arabia’s soccer team already has an NFT collection and recently saw its sales surge 387 percent after beating Argentina.

South Korean metaverse launches in 49 countriesYippee yi-yay.

On Platform

@HattyHats shares his favorite earnings websites, with pros and cons. (gFam)

Wordler Village: The Elves of Samhain. (Cent PagesGreg R. Fishbone is doing amazing things with Cent Pages. A lot of what I see at Cent Pages is artwork, but this guy is sharing cool literature in a fun way and has an ongoing story collection based on the popular game Wordle.

Hive financial statistics from yesterday. (HiveSeveral Hive witnesses share interesting posts about what they’re doing and how Hive is thriving amid the crypto chaos. @arcange is one of the bright lights.

Source: @arcange at Hive

List of companies with Bitcoin Lightning Network integrations. (Publish0x)

The Legend of Fonta Vox: Let’s Get Lost into her Dimensional World. (Read.CashI love finding creative gems like this.

Crypto winter is helping couples rekindle their relationships. (TorumI know my wife and I are on fire.

Check out the latest episode of Defluenced: Secure Your KeysUnkle Bonehead (@unklebonehead) and I talk about good and bad ways to secure your passwords, seed phrases, and cryptographic keys. Plus, we share our own mistakes. Learn from them.

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