We all need resilience

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Life is like a game of chance that is constantly changing the variables for us. Yes, it is true that we have the power to prosecute most of the decisions and define the path we travel.

However, we are not in complete control of everything. There are occasions when involuntary, unforeseen and unavoidable situations arise. And it is in these cases where being resilient or not can define whether everything takes a course of less or more negativity.

In other words, resilience is an essential quality to succeed in life, or at least, to have greater doses of happiness. It is the ability of a person to adapt, resist and recover from adversity (tense work situations, family conflicts or failure). Resilience is a quality that gives a person the security and perseverance necessary to cope with the challenges of daily life.

It is undoubtedly an essential part of personal and even collective development. It helps us improve our lives and achieve the objectives set despite the adversities and changes that may arise along the way.

Why did I decide to write about this? Well, because in a situation I had to make a risky decision. I'm sure we all face decisions of this type more than once in our lives.

Faced with these circumstances, resilience empowers us in our lives and helps us face complicated situations more effectively and make better decisions. Helping us to anticipate problems and better adapt to them.

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This is not a concept of modernity, it is something that has existed since humanity itself emerged. However, today it is more useful than ever before the speed of modern life.

Additionally, resilience helps us face our fears and fears, and take responsibility for our own thoughts, actions, and choices. This quality helps us not to stop giving ourselves opportunities to grow in our decisions and accept ourselves as we are.

However, it is not something that we find just because. To help you develop this quality, I give you a list of actions you can do:

  • Identify your logical emotional response to stress and seek self-compassion. Practicing self-awareness to understand how different stressors affect your emotions and, where possible, manage these reactions effectively.

  • Be aware of what you say to yourself when you are stressed. Make an effort to shift your thoughts to something more constructive. Practice stress management skills. These skills are essential to deal with stress and optimize your time, for example, create day management strategies or learn to prioritize tasks more efficiently.

  • Connect with others. One of the best ways to face and deal with stress is to seek support from family and friends.

  • Take the time to take care of yourself. Spend a few minutes of your day doing something relaxing: playing sports, walking in a park, listening to music, etc. Activities like these will help you restore emotional balance.

In conclusion, resilience is an invaluable quality for our academic, work, and family lives. It helps us cope with life's challenges and achieve a better overall balance.


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