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You can Eat More for Less

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4 months ago


With the way prices of goods are rising you just don't know what to feed on anymore. This is even a greater source of concern if you have a family, you want to feed on nutritious meals...but where is the means? Last week I went to the market to restock my raw food and provisions, but what I met made me open my mouth wide in shock as I sauntered around the market. When I got home, I kept wondering whether I lost money. There was no way I spent all that money on these little items. But it is what it was it is.

Sometimes you just can't help but wonder, what will we eat? An amount that could purchase 2 pack if a product 15 months ago can only purchase 1 now. The prices of food has risen terribly over the last half decade. In fact, it is hard to purchase foods now and stay within budget. It keeps getting harder to make ends meet, hence it is also hard to eat nutritious and satisfactory meals. Sometimes we just have to find out where and what you cut down without endangering our health. Well, does this mean all hope is lost? Not at all, you can still eat well for less. Take note of the following points.

  1. Make a meal budget

  2. Take note of what is really necessary

  3. Shop with skill

  4. Practice subsistent farming

  5. Avoid wastage

  6. Make good use of leftovers

  1. Make a meal budget

Whether you live alone or you have a family, make out proper plans on how much you will spend on food each month. This will keep you on your toes, make you get the best possible and still be within budget. But don't overdo it, make sure the funds is enough to get you the necessary nutrients you need.

2 . Take note of what is really necessary

Ice cream and Pizza are delicious and everyone's wish. But when you are on a budget know how to say no. The price of those can actually give you normal meal for days. So get the basic meals that contains all the nutrients you need, namely protein, carbohydrates, vitamin and minerals. Junks generally are not pocket friendly, stay away from them.

3 . Shop with skill

When I was younger, I do go to the market with my mum. Her ability to bargain renders me speechless. If a vendor says a yam is $2, Iya Ibeji will buy 4 for $3.5. Sometimes I just pity the vendors after my mum had slashed the price mercilessly. But now I understand her, the market people hike the price however they like. They can never sell what does not bring them profit. So learn how to purchase effectively, don't buy a foodstuff of $5 for $8. Build your shopping skills. Please this applies to open place markets and is location-specific, don't do this in fixed price markets.

4 . Practice subsistent farming

If you have vacant piece of land in your environment, make use of it to plant daily needs like vegetables, spices and the likes. You can also rear chickens or goat. If you do that it will reduce what you'll need to get from the market. You should check out you time and schedule though, ensure you will have enough time to care for whatever you plant or rear.

5 . Avoid wastage

Only prepare what you can eat, especially if you are the type that don't eat the same food twice in a day. Even if you have all the money in the world, foods are not meant to be wasted. But there are times when there are leftovers, what should you do then?

6 . Make good use of leftovers

On the off chance that there are remains, find wats to make judicious use of them. What can you convert it to and still make a sumptuous meal? Like I said earlier, refrain from throwing away foods. There is no dignity in it.

Even with the little you have you can enjoy good and nutrition packed meals. Keep the above points in mind and make use of them appropriately.

You can definitely eat more for less.

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Written by   25
4 months ago
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I think with how things are now , Someone should just make a table ( time table on how to manage oneself) one can limit the way he or she eat. concentrate on foods that provide you with calories and a wide array of nutrients like protein and healthy fats.

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4 months ago