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The Good you do...

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9 months ago

An engineer named Ben works for a wealthy contactor. He supervises and oversees all of the man's projects, which he always puts in a lot of work. This makes his projects always stand out and spectacular.

Ben is yet to have a house of his own though, despite having built countless houses. This is because of the expenses he has to bear in his family; taking care of sick family members, funding education, feeding and many more. So this makes it hard for him to settle down and get on with his life.

Whenever Ben completes any building the contractor will tell him that all his hard work is appreciated, and that one day his diligent efforts will be repaid. He believes his boss and continues to put in his very best in what he does. All was going well, until he developed an unhealthy association.

Ben made friends with two men within his age range and they started influencing his way of thinking and his resolve. "Your boss does not appreciate your work!" They often tell him. But he will shut them up, telling him that he is not owed any money by his boss, so what are they talking about?

They persist saying he should earn more for the work he does. Everyone always admires his buildings, but the contractor gets all the credits. They believe it's not fair for him. Then one told him to reduce the cost of construction and keep the change for himself. Sadly, these talks begin to have a negative effect on his thinking. He started seeing the truth in what they say, or so he thought.

Then he made up his mind that the next project, he is going to make sure he makes a lot of side money by cutting the construction cost.

Few days later to his delight, the contractor called and informed him of a grand project he is to do. Grand project huh? Perfect! He started thinking of how to make huge illegal profits from this grand project.

Work starts and he implements his plan. Where he was supposed to spend $10k he spent $6k. He did that throughout till the project was completed. The contractor came to inspect and asked him if he did a good job. He replied yes. Then came the shock of his life...

The contractor handed the keys and papers of the house to Ben and told him: " I always promised that I will repay you for your good works. Today is the day. You have reaped the good deeds you sowed. " Ben could not believe what was happening. The contractor built a magnificent house for Ben with his own money. But Ben cancelled out the magnificent and replaced it with wack.

Yes, the building could only survive 5 years at most. It was indeed a horrible decision from Ben. The illegal gain he made cannot build a new house if this one fails. So yes, he caused his own problems. Because of short term and immediate gains, Ben spoiled a long term gift and benefit.

If only he didn't listen to those friends. If only he got rid of them before they could influence him. If only...

Well, it is always too late for "if onlys".

Many of us have been doing great works all along, but at times we feel we deserve more than we get. Hence, like Ben we are tempted to misbehave. Please think it through, you never know how you might be blocking a big surprise waiting ahead for you. Continue what you are doing and do it wholeheartedly. Certainly, one day you will get your reward.

This piece was written as a lesson for everyone, don't be like ben.

The good you do remains with you, the evil you do comes back to you.

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Written by   25
9 months ago
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