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As she ran down the stairs running to school she could hear her mum telling her not to forget her food case. "Ok.. mom's". I have heard you!!!. Not waiting for a reply she ran to the kitchen took her food case and stormed out of the kitchen as though. She was being pursued by a fairy lion.

Kiara a lovely Pearl of average height,fair skin, dimpled cheeks and curly hair was the only daughter and child of her parents. Being quite a huge girl,she looked older than the students in her class, grade 5. She resided in the United kingdom with her parents .

       As her dad zoomed off to drop her at the college, Kiara pressured her dad to drive faster. "C'mon dad, for god sake drive faster, we aren't gonna sleep on the road, are we ?" Kiara screamed.

  "Calm down dear,I don't want to get caught by the cops" he replied rather calmly.

       As her dad kissed her goodbye, she raced towards the door of the pinnacle of college success. She caught up with her friend Brianne

     "Xup girl" Brianne greeted 

     "I'm cool" Kiara breathed heavily "I actually thought I was late" Kiara chipped in 

     " Guess what!!!" Brianne shouted 

     " You surely know I'm poor at guessing , so do me a favour by spilling it"

     " I checked how many viewers I had on my YouTube dance videos, I was dumbstruck to find twelve thousand, seven hundred and ninety two viewers" 

     " Oh my world, sweet Jesus save me, I can't be less happy for you sis "

    " Thanks "

     As they were walking to the classroom, they saw Mr. Grumpy, their chemistry tutor and raced softly to their class. Forty minutes later, almost at the end of the lesson, a new boy walked majestically into the classroom. 

"He is so handsome, '' Kiara thought. Fine chin, lovely jaw, curly hair, blue eyes, straight legs, oh my world.

    "What's your name, young man" Mr Grumpy asked 

     "Skywalkers, sir" sky answered

"And smooth voice too, he looks like a good" crazy Kiara thought. 

      Immediately, the school bell rang,all the pupils picked their bags and left the class, bringing Kiara to the real world. Throughout the school hours, Kiara could not think straight. During maths class, sky had tried to talk to Kiara asking for her note but she just kept looking at me . After the school hours, Kiara could find no other topic to talk about than sky Walker. 

     "Oh my world, Brianne, he's the most handsome guy I have ever seen" 

     " Yes he's cute but do you mind if we change the topic, am getting bored here"

After ceaseless minutes of discussion , Brianne boarded a train to her house leaving Kiara at the park waiting for her dad

   Days after days ,months after months Kiara and sky became extremely close. Brianne tried every possible means to Wade her friend off the so-called friendship but she won't just bulge. The situation became so terrible that Kiara's education deteriorated and her parents unavoidably noticed this. Kiara spent less time studying and most of her time hanging out with sky.

      " Kiara, what's wrong with you these days? I am not gonna tolerate your unruly behaviors any longer. You dress provocatively, pinging always. I don't want to see you in the sky again, are you listening to me? '' Kiara's mom raged.

      " Mom, I'm sincerely sick and tired of your ranting. I'm a grown up now, I'm no longer the kid you could boss around any longer. Right now, I'm in grade 9, very soon I'll go to the institution and leave you alone " Kiara cried and ran upstairs. Kiara's mom sank in the chair and sobbed silently. All her toil and hard work over her only child for seventeen years has been wasted. When Mr Jones, Kiara's dad came back, he was very upset when he heard what happened. He scolded Kiara the most. After the incident, Kiara's dad seized all her gadgets and asked various teachers to monitor her. 

All these didn't stop Kiara and sky from being together.

     Seven years later, Sky and Kiara were out of college and we're now working. For two months, Sky went on a business appointment in Texas. All Kiara expected from the sky was for him to come back and propose to her. Long before Kiara had abandoned her parents and had rented an apartment in London.

      Finally, the sky came back from Texas and Kiara was overjoyed. Some days after he arrived, sky began to display weird attitudes towards Kiara and this bothered her a great deal. During break at work, Sky invited Kiara over for lunch and Kiara had expected nothing than a romantic proposal. It hadn't been easy at all, a 17 years relationship !! Kiara thought happily .when they got to the restaurant, Sky told Kiara he would love to tell her something crucial " Kiara , I appreciate you for staying with me for over 17 years…." Kiara was happy, almost stretching her hands so that the ring could slide in even though she didn't see anything.  " My relationship with you almost destroyed my life, so now that I'm back on my feet, I can't continue this useless relationship. I got married to your friend Brianne, she's nice and disciplined, so don't call me again, I'll be going back to Texas today. Bye"

That very moment, Kiara slumped and was rushed to the hospital. Kiara Jones later died on getting to the hospital.

The End.

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Written by   46
1 month ago
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She shouldn't have died just like that, it takes away the necessary drama. She should have gotten back on her feet and decided to work towards ruining sky's life for wasting her time for 17 years. I want a revenge story 🤣🤣

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4 weeks ago