What exactly is love? A thought!

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Love, one of the most mysterious feeling? or an emotion? or just plain hormones? or a tangible neuron vibrations.. But, it is surely one of the most mysterious of senses we all might have experienced in our lives.

We all love someone in our lives. Be it our family members, including our children or parents, spouses, or be it a friend we deeply care about, but we for sure do love many people in the journey of life.

But the confusion arises when we start to love someone we have met with our conscious mind in action and then start to consider them as "our own" and slowly becoming attracted towards them.

This attraction can become due to their physical beauty or appearance, their lifestyle and personality, their kindness or simply their status. And then we start to think that we might have fallen in love with that person and we can't live without them at all!
And then we might question ourselves, does love actually exist or is it all attraction and hormones which makes us doubt that we are in love with someone and our life will be incomplete without that person!

But true love exist in life, for sure!

The love a mother has for her child can't be described in words, it is unconditional, defying the selfish nature of human beings, it is a love that arises from instincts and the survival characteristic we have as a species. Love it is, which should never be confused with materialistic attributes, since it is unconditional right!

But, this love is very limited and can arise from a lots of factors, including biological, and neurons which might ignite a love a mother has for her child, we can't expect this emotion in any other relationship, or can we? But, it is love for sure, but it is very much platonic love.

There is a difference between platonic love and romantic one, and in the latter, we not only start to care about the person but we want them to be ours in every sense, like physically, as if we possess them, we let them cross the boundaries of our intimacy and allow them to possess us as well.

But then comes our confusions that is it really love? Can we really live without them? Isn't it lust or simply obsession? Isn't it simply attraction and will we love them without any materialistic conditions?

Love, the oh so topic that many philosophers might have wasted their life to grasp about, legends say, it comes with certain qualities which might help us realize when love is love and when it might be not!

A very ironic but sensible thought might be that love and the origin of it starts with having pity for another being, to have pity, empathy, an action to being a well-wisher for someone, without any blood or prior relationship might just be the start of a sweet love story in reality! To care for someone, to put them in the center and to forget about ourselves during the execution of the feelings, might simply be a litmus test resulting in positive for the definition of love!

When we start to care about someone and we don't really care about ourselves in that, a selfless deep caring feeling with being pity and being empathetic for someone might simply be said that we have fallen in deep love with them, and it is not attraction or obsession. For obsession and attraction, it is "we" who we put first, it is our own needs which we try to fill, since our brain and heart finds someone attractive, it is the execution to fulfill our heart's needs when we start to care about that person, and the moment that attraction ends, the mirage of love might just be truly uncovered and we will see how unwise we were.

However, when it is true love, it doesn't really really matter about what happens to us, if the person we love needs two kidneys to survive, we give it to them even when it means certain death, it is them who we put in center and it doesn't matter what their physical appearance or how they are, we still love them without any conditions, since we never really relied on those conditions.

We loved them always, we loved them even when they might stop loving us, we love them even when it is simply one-sided, even when what they say to us or repulse us, we just can't stop loving them, since it is not their body or their soul or any attribute we love, it is themselves who we love and as long as they exist be it in the world or in our hearts, we will keep loving them.

To have true love, one should also be in a self-loving state, for to love others, one should have true and positive feelings for their own selves as well, to know one's true oneself is really important, to discover what we are passionate about, what we love, our empathy, our dark sides, and to be able to become content with what we are opens that gateway towards us to be able to finding the true version of everyone else and then we can slowly, unknowingly fall in love with anyone and the sweet sting of love will bite us as a surprise!


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Topics: Love, Psychology, Philosophy, Caring, Care, ...