Wants Vs Needs!

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We all are born in this world and got an existence. Upon arriving in this beautiful world, we have slowly learned how to live and how everything works.

When we were kids, we enjoyed life without much worries, we were attracted towards cartoons, sweets, chocolates and toys, and often our wants were toys and stuffs which were so much expensive. And some of parents to make their kids happy would have bought them as well.

However, as we grew up, we learnt that life is actually not so easy and to get everything, one has to do lots of hard work. Sure, there are exceptions in which some are very lucky to be born into super rich families who can afford everything, but for the average Joe like you and me, we always have to take into considerations of so many things to meet our little dreams.

However, if we try to analyze that even if not everyone can live a life with everything they want, but everyone can actually spend a beautiful life irrespective of how many of their wants are met. We should prioritize our lives according to what we need and what we want.

What we want and what we need depends on lots and lots of factors, it takes into account of our habitats, the way of lifestyle under which we were raised, the diseases that our bodies might be suffering from, the way we see the world and the expectations which are set on us!

Sometimes, it becomes very hard to distinguish, and when we start to spend lots of efforts and amount into meeting everything we want, that becomes a way for us to get into depression rather than bringing in happiness since the more we meet the demand of our wants, the less possible it becomes to meet all of our needs.

We should prioritize our lives and put our needs first, needs might include education, food, shelter, clothes, medicines for one's individual as well for family, a good home in a good and hygienic place, proper doctors and medical facilities, a healthy body. When we start to focus on these, and spend much of our efforts to earn money to meet these needs, our lives become so much easier and get filled with happiness and then we can save the remaining amount if any for meeting our wants.

However there are many who spend majority of their lives chasing what they want since they are addicted with a high-status lifestyle and even when they might not be able to afford it, they are not able to leave the addition and fail to be content with what they already have. These leads to lots of problems including but not limited to debts, relationship problems, diseases that comes with hypertensions, no satisfaction with life and very high possibility to get into chronic depressions!

Hence, it is a duty for all of us to self-introspect and analyze our daily lives and think about how we can channelize our efforts and meet our needs in this life and try to stay content with what we have, that will not only bring us happiness and health but will also open doors and opportunities for us to properly and slowly chase after what we "want" as well!


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