Solipsism - Should anything matter? Maybe they are not even matters!

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As human beings, we often take pride on the fact that we are gifted by nature with the most intellectual brains enabling us to sit at the top of the living kingdom without much competition.

With help of this brain, we have made so much advances and technologies that this world can be generally said to belong to us and only for our benefits at the cost of other living species.

On species level, that is actually a pretty fantastic achievement and we can for moments in our short lives feel special to be on such privileged gifts, on an individual level, our brains, intellect and understanding of nature creates certain theories that may look weird but are actually very probable or very hard to disprove if they can even be and provides us a way to look towards the radical nature of the universe we are existing in, or may I say, imagining in!

Solipsism is a way of thinking or can be considered a theory in which if we believe in, we will find that the only thing which we can know for certain is our own consciousness and everything else, including anything which doesn't belong to our own consciousness can be regarded as nothing but a fragment of our imagination.

In simple terms, it means that, in the whole of universe, it is only me who I can be sure of existing, because it is my own consciousness which I can certainly know about since I am experiencing it, however, anyone else, any other conscious or living being might not even exist in reality and is actually a part of the universe that my mind has created for me to experience, making it a beautiful blending of creating and experiencing simultaneously.

Implying that, everyone else in the universe except me doesn't even exist outside my own imagination and that this universe will end as soon I die or cease or I stop to experience it!

It is surely probably one of the most of radical philosophical ideas to ever consider, although it is quite understandable why many philosophers have make themselves distant from this idea which shakes the foundations and fundamentals of their legacies, however it is also one of the most rigid concepts and the possibility to debunk this idea is very debatable!

If it turns out to be true, then every individual consciousness including me who is writing this and you who is reading it can give a sigh of relief that according to it, for you, me and the rest of the universe is only a part of your imagination so not really anything to bother about much anymore, while for me, I replace myself with you while the rest of the universe stays intact! It is so simple, interesting yet so radical, can make one go into existential crisis or can liberate them from their ongoing anxieties, which is very subjective. While arguments against it can also be strong, but it never really is very easy to let go off it once installed in mind, I guess!

However, I would say that although this idea looks like very complicated, if we apply some common sense, solipsism wouldn't make sense, since, to know that our own consciousness exists, we have to consider a lot of things as existing which is known to us and that includes physical as well as contradictory subjects like our brain neurons and hence, we can actually say that we "know" the rest of the universe as much as we "know" our own consciousness, and hence, everything is real!


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