Let’s Learn Some Ilocano Words!

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Ilocano language is simple. But, there’s fun in learning different and new things. Take some time to enjoy gaining new knowledge about language!

Last time, I posted an article listing some Ilocano phrases for your additional knowledge.

I decided to add more so you would know more!

Let’s start!

1. Agyaman nak

These are the words you should use when you want to express your gratitude. The words mean “thank you”. Most Ilocanos don’t really use this anymore and settle for using English words. But, it feels more deep and sincere if you use these.

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2. Awan anyaman

As a reply to “agyaman nak”, people say this back. It is equivalent to “you’re welcome” in English but it translates more exactly to “it’s nothing”. It’s like saying that it wasn’t a bother and no need for gratitude, like it was only a simple thing to do. This makes the other party to feel that they do not need to worry about what was given or done to them.

3. Sapay koma

This roughly translates to “I hope so”. It is used to express that you wish for something to happen. For example, if the your teacher says “Nalaka lang exam yo” (which means your exam is easy), you may think to yourself “sapay koma” or you hope so.

You can also use this as “I hope for…” For example, if you wish for rain, you can say “sapay koma ta agtudo” which translates “I hope it will rain (“Agtudo” translates to it will rain and rain is “tudo” in Ilocano).

4. Nagimas datoy nga makan

When you’re eating and you want to appreciate the food you are eating, you can say these words. This means “this food is so delicious”. Food is “makan” and so delicious is “nagimas” in Ilokano. You can substitute “makan’ with a certain food name. For example, you can say “nagimas datoy empanada” when you try Ilocos empanda during your visit.

5. Agannad ka kanayon

If you want to show your concern, tell them this. This means “be careful always” and you can remove the “kanayon” (which means always) if you want. When they go home after your hangout, tell them “agannad ka” before you separate ways. In Filipino, this is “ingat ka”.

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6. Awisen ka nga umay

This is the Ilocano for “I invite you to come”. It is an expression to invite someone to go to your home or somewhere you want them to be. If you want to invite them to your home, tell these words “Awisen ka nga umay balay mi” since balay means home in English.

7. Haan ka agulbod

If you want to tell someone to stop telling lies, tell them this. This is translated as “Don’t lie”. Additionally, the word “ulbod” can mean liar.

8. Naragsak dagiti mangted

This suddenly popped out in my head. This translates to “happy are those who give”. Giving our time, material things and effort to somebody makes us happy because we were able to help someone. There is that feeling you get when you see people smile because they are given something good.

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9. Nagadu maubra

When your school requirement or office work has piled up, you can say this. It means “there’s so much work to do” and add a tone that denotes frustration. I usually say this because our requirements don’t seem to stop coming.

10. Nagpintas ta isem mo

You can use then when you want to compliment your crush about their smile. It means “your smile is beautiful”. Everyone’s smile is actually beautiful. Happiness makes us more beautiful. I hope we can tell these words to other people more often so they could smile more.

And that’s it. These are simple words to learn. I hope you enjoyed!

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Ilocano here. Haha. Nag enjoy naman ako dito article mo sis. Saan po lugar mo? Baka magkalugar lang tayo. Hehe

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nagadu maubra ako ngayon. char hehe this could be good learning ilocanos.

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You can do it. Malpas mon to agita (matatapos mo yan). I hope you enjoyed learning ♥️

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ahhhhh hehe i like it sis

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1 year ago

Agpaysu ta kunam. Nagado maubra haha. I am glad you write another part of this series again.

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Thanks for reading the second part. Nagadu talaga maubra, makabannog hahaha pero fighting!

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