I Miss Having A Cat

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Do you love having pets? Do you adore cats or dogs?

I do. I love pets. They simply make life wonderful. They give you a sense of purpose.

Pets make you feel that you are capable. It makes you feel things that are so pure like happiness, empathy and affection.

I have a pet dog and he is the best thing ever. Every morning he goes to my bed to make me scratch his belly. Sometimes, he sleeps next to me. He also likes to follow me anywhere.

When I’m having a stressful day, I just go to him and talk to him. Pets may not be able to talk but they surely can listen.

I love my pet dog. But I wish having a pet cat though. I want to have both but it’s impossible for now. They may be hostile towards each other.

When I first had my own pet cat

I once had a pet cat. Some family friend gave it to me. The cat was a little wild and feral at first but I took my time to make it like me. I tried to let it sleep on me even when its claws cling to me a little. It hurt a little but it was worth it in the end.

The cat became sweet and tame overtime. Soon, we were able to sleep and play together. It was wonderful, having a friend that’s always there with you.

When I lost him

Days were happy and it was because of my companion. It’s amazing how one animal that cannot even speak become your family. It’s amazing how it can scar you for a long time too.

I’m not talking about a physical wound. I’m taking about the emotional impact it will give you, especially when you lost them.

I lost my cat soon after. I wish he could’ve grown more. I wish he could’ve gotten older with me. Sadly, life is not easy even for animals.

It was after I went home from school. My mother told me my cat still haven’t gone home and some neighbors have seen it dead. I don’t remember much what exactly my mother said. It was too painful to know.

It was the last time I had my own cat. I want to keep it that way for a longer time.

What I have realized

I had so many regrets. If only I was there, would it have been different? If I’m not still a little kid, would I have the means to take care of it?

I realized I was not in the right circumstances to own a cat. Having a pet is a gift but it is also a responsibility. It was a responsibility that I was not capable of fulfilling yet.

That is why I promised to myself, I will only own a pet when I’m already financially capable and independent. I would want to be a fur-parent that is able to take the responsibility of taking care of the cat.

What I still miss

But, I still miss having a cat. I miss having a constant companion. I miss having a cute, little friend I can play with. I miss having a fluffy pet I can cuddle with.

Cats are wonderful. They are sleeping most of the time but they have their own weird antics too. They can become playful. They also know when to be there for you. Sometimes they know when you’re sad.

I envy those people who have the means to take care of pets. I am hoping soon that I will be one of them. I still have my pet dog, Darky, to be here for me. I wish he could live long and be with my family for a long time.

I want to encourage you to make a good deed. I try to help some volunteer organizations that rescues animals. May be you can too. Help then out financially and through other things 💛

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So sorry for the loss of your cat. You know what I had a parrot once. I loved him so much! I bought him when he was just a few days old. He stayed with me for like 4, 5 years and then one day a cat of my own attacked him and he died the next day. I was heart broken over his loss. I still miss him

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11 months ago

Animals are man's best friend, they can stay with man and read his feelings. My uncle had died a few months ago and we saw tears dripping from her pet cow's eyes and she was not eating anything. The dog has always been a loyal friend of man. I hope you find a beautiful cat soon. They are also God's creations. It is our responsibility to take care of them. I'm afraid of cat nails haha.

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11 months ago

Cat nails do hurt hahaha but you get used to it. Animals are more human sometimes and we should really care for them

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11 months ago

No, I can't get used to it. Cat scares me. I like naughty kittens. When I was not an adult, I used to take some dogs with my peers and hunt wolves haha.

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11 months ago

We are an opposite sis because I don't like to have cats as well as dogs. May trauma dn nmn kasi ako sa dogs pero ayun nga like ko lng sila pag mabait.

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11 months ago

Understandable naman pag may scary experience noon. Pero for me, mababait mga dogs pag naalagaan. Nagiging wild lang pag napapabayaan haha parang tao din

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11 months ago