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Suck the Eggs

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4 months ago

Suck the eggs
And frack the dregs
Dredge the ball
From wall to wall
Like a mindless
Given time the
Crust will fall

Global nation
Warming oceans
Set in motion
And atonic
Deathly chronic
Earth dystonic

Plastic seas
And CCDs
The honey pot
The final shot
At rationale
For moneys got

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Nice article. Very attractive arrangemen. Your writing patternal ways amazing. Thank you very much for this article.

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1 month ago

Cool poem. I think the sun and earth's atmospheric pressure combination is the cause of Global warming. Fits data well. Have studied this for 20 years.

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2 months ago


When the global warming craze and hype began a very old German professor at the Technical University in Berlin held a speech and explained, why he is sceptical of the claims of anthropogenic global warming. He commented about his soon retirement and that he therefore can speak up and make his last statement on this issue. He was talking about sunspots and how he is already stating for years, that there is a correlation between them and the earth's climate. He was showing slides of sunspot activity and earth climate, which perfectly matched up, making the fake hockey stick diagram look like a joke (which it was anyway).

He also mentioned, that people don't take him seriously, especially when he makes his case related to global warming. Now, about at least 7 years later and being ridiculed myself by arrogant geology-students and whatever clever guts for bringing it up, every single one of them and even the IPCC at some point conceded, that sunspots are indeed a significant factor in one or the other sense. And I don't think any of them even realizes, that they held themselves back from understanding and incorporating this knowledge for years out of pure arrogance and closed mindedness.

This told me a lot about "science authorities and experts" and "believers in science" as opposed to explorers trying to discover the truth via the scientific method.

It is a sad state the scientific societies have driven themselves in. I would be interested in reading about it, if you have something to share about this topic.

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2 months ago

Yeah you raise a major problem with the science community, educational facilities and student indoctrination. I have talked to some smart people that are like zombies. They spout the media narrative without reasonable questioning when there are obvious problems with the IPCC models and data.

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2 months ago

Beautiful piece, great job 👍

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2 months ago

I'm rapping this hot shid on Aphex Twin- Windowlicker and I am killing it. Thank you.

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2 months ago


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2 months ago

Very good composition. Well thought and arranged. Keep up the good job! Stay safe.

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2 months ago