My Foodie Luv: Yet Another Article About Weight Loss

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Below are 5 Weight Loss Tips. No doubt you have read these or heard them before, but you know what psychologist say about reinforcement.

“... reinforcement is a consequence applied that will strengthen an organism's future behavior whenever that behavior is preceded by a specific antecedent stimulus.” (Source)

Here is Some Reinforced Advice for Those Who Want to Lose Weight:

#1 Weight Loss and Fitness Tips

GQ INDIA published these easy tips, diet hacks and workout routines in the Live Well Section of their online publication tiir. These should help you get started. Intermittent fasting, walking, yoga, and sleeping better are recommended. You should avoid binge-eating but you can swap it with something called “cheat meals”. (Really?)

Easy Weight Loss Tips, Diet Hacks, and Workout Routines

#2 Mediterranean Diet? Why not?

Researchers confirm that the main health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet is that it protects against heart diseases. Applying my logic, I say that since everybody has a heart, the Mediterranean Diet must be good for everybody!

Proven Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

#3 Counting Calories, Etc. OK!

Yes dieting requires discipline and you have to be diligent in watching what you eat. You might have to count calories. Yeah! It's not like we didn't know that already! But we have to be told because psychologists say humans respond well to clear direction and positive reinforcement in order to push through anything that takes effort. Dieting definitely takes effort! Do you know how to count calories?

Calorie Counting Dos and Donts

#4 You Know What They Say. SOUP is Good Food!

My first year at university, I loved to hang out with my friends and eat pizza. Lots and lots of pizza! Needless to say I packed on the pounds! I had to come up with a meal that nutritious and filling. Did you know that a bowl of soup can do the trick? Especially if it's a detox soup. Here are 4 Detox Soup Recipes that melt belly fat because they boost metabolism.

Four (4) Life-Changing Detox Soup Recipes

#5 Take It Off and Keep It Off! Here’s One Way.

Many of us reach our weight loss goals only to gain back the weight. Why? Because we did not maintain the healthy eating and dieting habits we used to lose the weight. How do we take it off and keep it off? Simple. You should “focus on identifying which foods nourish your body and give you the proper fuel you need to live a great life”.

How to Eat Better and Master Your Nutrition

Hope you found this content useful.

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