My Foodie Luv: What is Your Favorite Instant Noodle?

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The world will always love, honor, and remember Momofuku Ando (1910 - 2007). He's the man who invented the Ramen instant noodle.


  • Instant noodles were first marketed in 1958.

  • Cup of noodles didn't come along until 1971.

Incredible! Instant noodles have been around that long!

♦ I was born in the 50s. I can't remember when I started eating the instant noodles, but it must have been after the year 2000 and it must have been because one of my daughters who love all things Asian was eating them. I didn't eat them during my childhood, during my years at university (the 70s), during the first 25 years of my marriage (2001 is when my last child was born). I did the grocery shopping most of the time and my husband shopped every now and then. So it had to be one of my kids that introduced this food into our home. Because I can't remember me ever deciding that instant noodles should be added to our grocery list. All I can say is that one day we started eating them and we've been eating them ever since.

♦ When it comes to the selection of Ramen noodles at the local grocery stores, there isn't really a vast range of products to choose from. Pretty much it's the popular name brand of the instant ones in the cup or the ones in the little package. That particular food is so cheap you don't need to buy the “generic brand” to save money. That was the inventor's purposeful good intention. He wanted a food that was super cheap that could feed the masses. (Gleaned that food fact from a documentary I watched on TV, several years back.)

Since there is not very variety to choose from at my local grocery, who would have thought that someone could publish a blog with nothing but reviews of Ramen noodles?

The site is called … what else? The Ramen Rater.

When I first saw it, I thought: Oh come on!! How many packaged instant noodles can there possibly be for you to rate them?

The Tumblr microblog has close to 2000 posts about Ramen noodles that date back to 2012. The content published via the official website, The Ramen Rater, dates back to 2002.

So! Now that you have that background information, perhaps you can answer my question:

  • What is your favorite instant noodle?


I no longer have a favorite flavor, because I watched a TV cooking show and the chef gave me a lot of ideas about various veggies and meats to add to that small package I buy from the store. Now my favorite additions to Ramen noodles are: sauteed shredded cabbage (any kind of cabbage: bok choy, napa, etc.), sliced onions (yellow onion, white, red, or green scallions also called spring onions) and red bell peppers (must be red), mushrooms (any kind: button, shitaki, etc.), strips of cooked chicken, and whatever else is in the pantry or fridge that might be tasty! As for seasonings, I'll use the seasoning packet that comes with

the noodle package OR I might add whatever herbs and spices are in my spice cabinet. Noodles are one of my favorite fun foods!!

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