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My Foodie Luv: Dessert Recipe: Malpua

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1 week ago

Malpua is a fried sweet treat that's easy to make. It originated in the Indian subcontinent.

Do you love experimenting and tasting the food of other countries? Especially the desserts. Yum!

I'm sure I'm not the only foodie out there who loves global flavors. So I'll share this delightful recipe. It's a sweet treat popular in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. You can find lots of variations of this recipe online. There is malpua served with rose and saffron syrup. There’s Bengali style. There’s banana malpua. There’s Mawa Malpua(Image below.)

Cooking video: How To Make Malpua - Dessert Recipes

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NOTE: This is my original content previously published at a newsletter that I decided to discontinue in favor of publishing my food-related content via Read.Cash andd Noise.Cash.

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Written by   49
1 week ago
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I suppose if I had more of a sweet tooth. But I lost that some time ago. Not sure where it went actually because I used to really love sweets. Maybe I just had too much of it. lol

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3 days ago