My Foodie Luv: A Taste of Nigeria in the USA

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I love watching cooking shows on television. There is this one show where the host goes all over America and shines a spotlight on the various ethnic cuisines. I once lived in Houston, Texas and I wish I had known this but I did not.

As most people do, whenever they move to a new place, they bring their customs and traditions with them. They especially bring their food. Because there nothing better than the taste of home when you are now living in a foreign land.

It turns out that many Nigerians relocated from their country and there is a thriving community in Houston, Texas. There are some popular restaurants in Houston that serve Nigerian cuisine.

Taste Of Nigeria was featured on "No Passport Required"

A key ingredient in many Nigerian recipes are peppers. Here is link to an article that explains "The different types of peppers in Nigeria | Pulse Nigeria" ~

PEPPERS??? I love peppers!! Don't you? πŸ˜ƒ



Best African Restaurants In Houston: 10 Places for Nigerian and Ethiopian

10 West African Cuisine Spots You Definitely Need To Try | Houstonia Magazine


Any world travelers out there?

  • 🌢 Who has been to Nigeria?

  • 🌢 Who has been to Texas?

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