Korean Drama TV Series: The King's Affection (2021 -)

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Recommending a Korean historical period drama: “The King's Affection” (2021-). It is set during the Joseon Dynasty and this series started on a very serious note. Twins were born to the royal princess: a boy and a girl. The king wanted to kill the baby girl and ordered a massacre. All of those who knew about the birth of the twins had to be killed, and the twin girl who was born had to die!

Like any loving mother would, the royal princess hatched a plan to save her child's life. The mother faked the death of her daughter and had her taken away to grow up elsewhere. But there was a fire, and the child lost the home that she grew up in an her caretaker also died. Consequently, she took to begging on the streets. A woman took her into the palace and she became a maid.

She was outside doing her chores and her brother, the crown prince was outside doing whatever princes do. Accidentally, she, a lowly maid, crossed paths with her twin brother, the crown prince, and that's where the story begins.

It's a Netflix series; 20 episodes for Season 1. I am already in love with the main characters.

The first episode was dynamite!! I can't wait to finish it!!

I did my review after the first episode, because I am always afraid I might give away the ending and spoil it for those who have not watched this series.

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