Follow Up to My Follow Up - RE: CryptoWin Faucet Review

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4 months ago

TODAY IS July 17, 2023. This brief article is a follow-up to my previous article Response to Review of Faucet: Comparing Real Experiences -

Pretty much everything has gone downhill. In my previous article, I stated:

"Since I registered in November 2022, I am going to patiently wait until November 2023. THAT'S A YEAR!

I think I'm being FAIR. If after that time, my withdrawals are NOT processed, meaning I DID NOT GET MY CRYPTO EARNINGS AS PROMISED, and the site is still up and running, then for the sake of others, I should probably publish a public review of MY REAL EXPERIENCE.

Don't you think I'm being reasonable?

I really would like to know WHY my experience with this faucet went from AWESOME to AWFUL. (O.o)"


Continuing to report on my experience:

I have written emails and have not received responses. Last week and also today I checked their records. They literally erased My Shares from their records. As if I have never purchased any. The records that previously showed my shares would be maturing on various dates through November 2023 no longer show.

Additionally, they have pages that supposedly indicate that they processed withdrawals, i.e. made payments to either a crypto wallet or Faucet Pay BUT THERE IS NO WAY TO PROVE THE PAYMENTS WERE MADE.

This site appears to have all the marks of a scam. I would NOT recommend this faucet to MY WORST ENEMY. The PLUS is that it did not take me years to discover this. I shudder to think how much crypto I would have lost if I had continued buying "shares". The only thing they have shared with me is MISERY.

Thanks for reading.

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4 months ago