CCFCN: Reading List of Read.Cash Articles About Crypto (March 2022)

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When it comes to cryptocurrency I am still in the newbie “crypto learning and earning” stages. I plan to do some major investing once I understand the INs and OUTs. I don't aim to become a “whale”. My goal is to be able to have a “pot of crypto gold” that I can leave to my kids.

What I really appreciate about Read.Cash is that it has a lot of members who are knowledgeable about the cryptocurrency industry and share that knowledge with others. Currently, I maintain Tumblr and Twitter dedicated to compiling information about cryptocurrency and related topics and I often socially share many articles published here on Read.Cash. The thought has occurred to me to start creating quick lists of these articles and direct other readers in the community to them.

(This is my first time compiling a list. TODAY is March 1, 2022. My "marker".)

♦ ♦ ♦ Article 1:

Be your Own bank Using BCH to enhance Your freedom in a decentralized economy ~

Key points:

Article points to the main reasons WHY governments are interested in crypto.

“Governments will impose their centralized digital currencies, also dubbed CBDCs, on the market … The creation of digital currencies will allow the government to ... greatly increase its level of control over its citizens.”

“... centralized digital money ... will be one of the worst phases of intrusion on the freedom and privacy of many, this kind of payment will have direct access to the users account, transaction, transactions history and everything that they need to know about the person they enquire.”

Then the article explains the reasons WHY people should continue in the direction of mass adoption of Bitcoin Cash, making it a decentralized global currency with no chief executive officer and where the privacy of parties engaged in the transactions is protected, not controlled.

FINAL WORD: “Use Bitcoin Cash and be free!”

♦ ♦ ♦ Article 2:

Crossing Blockchains with Cross-chain Bridges ~

Key Points:

“One of the limitations native to cryptocurrency coins like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Ether is they are confined to their own blockchain.”

“Cross-chain bridges will let you spend your BTC directly on ETH blockchain without having to go through the trouble of trading and paying unnecessary fees.”

“In a nutshell, smart contracts allow bridges to work.”

NOTE: It's a very complex topic to discuss and the article writer supplies references for your additional research.

♦ ♦ ♦ Article 3:

How To Create A Bitcoin Cash Paper Wallet ~

Key points:

“Paper wallets just as the name implies are wallets printed on papers containing public and private keys which aids to easy retrieval of funds.”

“A Bitcoin Cash Paper Wallet stores bitcoin cash with a generated set of public and private keys in a printed and offline form.”

This article explains the advantages and disadvantages and then provides an easy to understand step-by-step process for you to follow if you decide to go ahead and create a Bitcoin Cash paper wallet. It also includes some cyber security tips to protect your BCH.

♦ ♦ ♦ Article 4:

Crypto - The Latest Trend Of Geo-Blocking ~

Key points:

“...Bitcoin was designed so as not to be politicized and yet we are experiencing censorship to some degree taking place on third-party platforms such as exchanges and other common services which offer Crypto options for payment.”

“This was the motivation behind Satoshi’s invention. Bitcoin was designed to be free of political and banking influence.”


“More and more exchanges are being forced to make account restrictions based on the instructions of governments.”


“ ...Cryptoneurs are being drawn to Crypto-friendly locations.”


“... Anyone who is blocked from a financial service due to geo-blocking is not blocked based on anything they have done but rather what their country has done. Governments are put in place to raise their people up and not exclude them from basic services.

Geo-blocking is evidence of a failed government or regime and those who can leave, will.”

WOW! This article created that deja vu vibe. You know? Like ... the governments have done this before, haven't they? Don't they do this with all types of currencies?

♦ ♦ ♦

I learned a lot from reading these articles. Hope you will find them helpful as well.

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