The spread of the fear and distractions is what going on !

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I woke up today to hear from my wife that the war started.

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Living in Russia for more than 11 years, I always hear about the war. If that's not from some people who always think that US and Europe are the enemies because of the news and the mass media that always blame other countries in the problem of ours. Or because of the movies about war where they show the greatness of the country and how the Soviet Union won Germany. And we always hear about the conflict with Ukraine and the war there. I even met real people who were running from Ukraine to Russia and the place where I live is close to Ukraine, so many of them are living here now.

So, what happens when the war starts. People usually sell their homes with a low price just to run from the area. So, there will be beneficiaries who will buy so many homes with low price. Then they will sell it when everything ends. It's possible that the same people who run the war are those who benefit from that. And there are many other things done during the war, like selling weapons, dividing areas, reconstruction, replacing native people buy immigrants who ask less, and usually they represent a cheap workforce. As you see the benefit is not at all for simple citizens. It's mostly done by politicians who run businesses !

It's always funny to see some citizens from different countries hatting each other and discussing whose country is better or who is the best politician. At the same time seeing all the mass media doing their best to put the hate between citizens of both countries. And those same politicians enjoying benefits, money, businesses and even peace. I've heard of so many citizens suffering because of the war and so few politicians affected by that. Simple people who just like to live their lives, to travel, to improve and to grow up kids, they don't need wars at all. I've never seen a simple citizen asking for a war ! The same thing happened during all the history of people !

As well, there are so many things going on with experimental vaccines, people dying of myocarditis. Some of them are even famous sportsmen, like soccer, basketball and tennis players. Recently I found even about reported cases of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children who received a COVID-19 vaccine. It's not a random article written by someone, it's a serious journal ''The Lancet''. A medical journal that exist for almost two centuries. So, if there is such an investigation, the issue could be real ! Mass media are not talking about that for a reason. I consider the issue of sick children even more important to talk about. Because those who had the chance to escape the war already moved to more safe places.

Even though I know that the war is possible in my area because it's close to Ukraine, and it maybe hit by counterattacks. And that happened already a few times, but that usually happen in little villages less protected and where there is less benefit for politicians. They never hit big cities usually. But even if that happened, it's my fault that I didn't move from Russia at all or to a farther city from Ukraine. Even though the war can pursue us everywhere. That's why we don't have to concentrate on it a lot, but in case we have the chance to help those who are affected, we should help them. Or at least support them by nice words. I hope those who are impacted will avoid the maximum of the harm.

It's always nice to know who the real enemy is ! I hope more people do !

Of course, I would like to see peace everywhere, and I hope someday we will have a better system to live in. Otherwise, humanity will just exterminate themselves !

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