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The manipulation with distraction & noise !

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2 months ago

There is a big issue in the world, everyone is talking about. But we often see strange information shared all around.

Some talk about the form of the earth. Some about extraordinary things. Others come with crazy theories. And in the end all this information is lost between the right and the wrong, and it's hard to find the truth for regular people. Of course there are many people who understand the real issue and give great solutions. But in the end we see them mixed with those who spread the nonsense. That's why it's hard to make people awake. They think that's everything is nonsense, even the truth. And in the end they prefer to follow the agenda.

For some time I was following those who are talking about controversial things and I learned enough about them. But I see that information really strange. Especially seeing so many people talking about it. Maybe it's a kind of propaganda pushed to people to confuse them. To not let them spread the truth they already learned about and to make them concentrate on supplementary things, that are not that important. Or at least that will not solve the main issue created.

That's why we all have to be careful of supporting the agenda that distract from the main problems in the world.

We shouldn't let ourselves being manipulated !

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Written by   76
2 months ago
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