Rational & irrational behavior - Proof of brain dilemma !

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1 year ago

I'm watching recently a lot of apocalyptic movies. It's interesting to find in them so many hints about the future we live in now.

So, I watched today ''How It Ends''. It's a great movie with Theo James and Forest Whitaker. It's about strange things happening in the country and how they move around to save a girl. And all obstacles they overcome to reach their goal. In the end they find her with an interesting guy who told them the following : ''I think everything happening here is done by purpose to make people lose their rational behavior.''

I stopped watching there and decided to google what's a rational behavior. So, I understand that it's the right things we do in any situation we face. And losing our rationality could be beneficial for some people. There is even Rational choice theory you may learn about to be sure of what I'm talking. I don't think economists created and developed it just for fun.

For example, when we buy something, we always have the choice or to buy the most expensive thing thinking that's the most useful, or to buy the good thing, just because it's good. Why to pay more for something we may buy cheaper, especially if our money is limited, or we want to save it. In this situation, if we are not rational, it's useful for producers manufacturers to make us buy the thing we don't need.

The same about any decisions we make when creating content, when curating, when staking or even trading. We always try to be rational to not waste time in the wrong choice. And here comes the dilemma of proof of brain. Is proving we have a brain means that we are smart, or maybe we should just prove we are rational ? Since, we're too attached to these proofs, maybe it's a proof of rationality. And I should add it to my collection of proofs here and here.

Now I understand why so many things like wearing masks, respecting social distancing and other crazy things are done by governments. That's for sure, make people lose their rational behavior. Because the things done are surely not to fight a virus, but to fight freedom and the rights of people and the immune system and many others things they are doing to make us simple citizens weaker. That will make us worry more about our health and social problems, instead of asking about why they should be better than we in so many things.

It's hard anyway to understand what's rational and what's irrational to do. Sometimes what's rational for some could be irrational to others. But the most important thing is to not cause harm to others and ourselves.

Life is full of surprises. We can't be always rational. But trying to be us what needed. Maybe that's why we need to have a critical thinking.

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I always did find it hard to bu a cheaper version of something! But with getting older I an now mostly looking for the value. Don’t care if that is an a, b or c brand!

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