Manage Your Money and Take Control of your Time

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Money and time are two of the most valuable resources that we need to manage effectively if we are aiming for a bright days ahead of us. The most common characteristic that can be associated to these is that they are both limited. The only way to get ahead of the game is to learn how to manage our time and money.

Why we need to manage our time and money?

We know for the fact that time, once it already passed, we can no longer recover the same. That is why it is imperative that we make the most of every single moment of our day to do productive activities. When the day started, we will notice that it passes by so quickly.

Similarly, money, as we know is a valuable asset but can be gone in seconds if we are not using it wisely. There are times when we keep on wondering where our money has gone.

But how can we effectively manage our money and time without losing life balance?

Here are some tips that I will be sharing with you if you want to manage your time and money so as you won’t be left wondering what happened.

1.         Know what you want to achieve in a definite amount of time

Have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and set a realistic deadline. It is best to write it down so you can read it every time and act as a reminder. Once you have set your objective, make sure that every little move you make will contribute in one way or another in achieving that goal.

Before performing any task or engaging in any activity, remember your goal and think if this activity will help in attaining the vision. This way, you will be mindful of every move or action you take. For example, you want to save a million dollar in your account by the end of three years. Does buying an expensive phone will help you realize that goal at time you specified?

2.         Learn to be contented on the things you have

Many of us cannot control our strong desire to have something even if we cannot afford it to the extent of burying ourselves in debt. One common reason is envy. We usually feel this destructive emotion when a friend or colleague got new car, appliance, or jewelry. Oftentimes, we can’t resist the urge to buy similar things even if we know that we don’t have the capacity. This is one of the most common reason why a person go broke.

A friend almost lost her job because of envy. She started using the fund of the office for her own desires. It was found out during the audit and she was terminated.

3.         Learn to wait

One of the most admirable qualities of a person is having the ability to wait. Have you tested yourself how long can you wait for a certain thing to happen? Waiting is more than just being patient. It is how you behave while you are expecting something to happen.

Learning to wait should not only putting on hold without thinking the value of time. The best strategy is to engage in something productive while waiting for the desired outcome to happen.

4.         Be consistent

We always came across this statement. Success does not come in the first try. We need to continuously learn and never stop even at the point of discouragement.

5.         Create a Plan and stick to it

Having a detailed plan of what we want to do in order to achieve our goal is vital. The plan is a set of action that we need to follow in order to reach our vision. Without a clear plan, we are surely to fail.

6.         Check you progress

Are you on the right track? Do you need to revise your actions? These are some of the things you need to ask yourself while implementing the plan of actions you previously crafted. If a certain activity will not help you reach your goal, then it is necessary to reconsider things and make another move. Evaluating our performance will help us determine which activities are worth continuing and which are need to be revised. 

7.         Save at least 10% of you income

We should not spend everything that we earn. Saving a small percentage would be a best cushion when things doesn’t come out as expected. It is associated with identifying our priorities and setting aside the things we don’t really need. Compared before, saving nowadays is so much easier especially with the use of existing apps that would help us save conveniently.

8.         Create an Emergency Fund

Many people say that creating an emergency fund is a good way to minimize the impact when things go wrong. Before we start investing, it is necessary that we have an emergency fund. As the word implies, this would be used during emergencies.

9.         Get a second source of income

Earning a little extra on side can be a big help especially if you are aiming to reach a certain threshold or just want to have something to pick at any time. We can also use this amount to buy the needed things or an additional capital to our business. If you have free time, then it is best to get an additional source of income.  

10.     Invest Wisely

 Investment is not a one-time event but rather a consistent activity.  A small amount we regularly place into some investment vehicle will eventually grow into a valuable asset over time.

However, before investing our hard-earned money into any program, we should spend time to make a thorough and comprehensive research of the program. Don’t be deceived by promises of high return without factual basis. Always remember the saying that, if an offer is too god to be true, it probably is.

On the final thought…

Managing our time and money is something that we should consider while we still have it. The fact that these are limited, means these are valuable and we need to develop a habit of making use of these resources effectively and efficiently. Don’t wait for the time that we no longer have enough strength and we are already short of time and money. Because everything will have an end.

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