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1 year ago

Hello, hello! Sorry for not writing these past few days. Exams, projects, and proposals came this month. It was a hell ride for us college students. Anyway, I just turned 21 yesterday and we had a simple celebration with family. I felt so loved and blessed.

Thank you to my fam for this celebration.

Therefore, I jotted down the 21 things I learned and realized as I turn 21.


1. Do not worry too much! It's okay to commit a mistake. Nobody is perfect.

2. If you are thinking twice about it, JUST DO IT. Stop letting chances go that you will regret later.

3. Appreciate more the little things around you because no matter how small and trivial they are, it brings100 times joy in our life.

4. Follow what your heart wants! Bleach your hair, buy that dress, eat that food, cut your bangs, or whatever you want to do as long as you are happy without hurting people around you.

5. BE OPEN. Do not keep it just to yourself because YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You have family, real friends, and people who loved you.

6. Do not wait for things to get worst. Admit honestly your fault. You do not want to lose someone precious to you.

7. ALWAYS PUT YOURSELF IN THE SHOES OF OTHERS. We all have different struggles in life and we have distinct ways to cope with them. What might be easy for us, might be hard for others?

8. Real friends can understand YOU with whatever decision and action you will take. Do not further explain yourself to the people who only want is to see your bad side.

9. It's okay to CUT TOXIC FRIENDS. You are not a bad person by ending a friendship, what is bad is that you are tormenting your mental health.

10. GIVE TIME TO YOUR PARENTS. Days are just passing by so quickly. So create wonderful memories with them.

11. Accept your flaws and imperfections because that is the only way to be CONFIDENTLY BEAUTIFUL.

12. Save money even if it is a small bill or coins. You will never know, that money can be a LIFESAVER.

13. PROTECT YOUR INNER PEACE. Do not let the stress and pressure overpower your inner peace. Strive to strengthen it because it will affect the people around you.

14. REST. If you felt that you are tired then take a break. You have your own pace in life so do not compare yourself to others. You will never be last in your momentum.

15. Have a social media detox! Twice or once a week do it and you will notice that you are less grumpier and moody.

16. You have no responsibility to make somebody change or be better. It is your responsibility to make yourself better.

17. When having a rough day, allow yourself to feel sad and grief but just for some time then move on, CONTINUE LIVING.

18. There is a huge difference between surviving and living. So, I hope that we all choose LIVING A HAPPY LIFE.

19. Love yourself because no one can give better love than your very own self.

20. Bear in mind that even though your friends are busy pursuing their dreams and goals, they still love and care for you it's just you both have different directions and the only thing you can do is cheer for each other.

21. Lastly, NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS. There is so much more in this world and you deserve the best.

I know that I have more lessons that I will discover especially that I will now enter adulthood. But one thing I can say is that I am grateful and proud of all my experiences and learnings. So, I will vow to myself that I will never stop acquiring knowledge and wisdom. I will promise to myself that I will strive for the best. I will also pledge to myself that I will forever cherish my friends and family.

Thank you for reading my article! If you have extra time kindly visit my sponsors because you will see amazing articles of theirs. They are all worth reading.

Again, thank you! God bless us all. :))

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1 year ago


Happy Birthday , 🌻 I kinda like the idea of writing your thoughts during your birthday..I might do this next time on mine..😬😬

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1 year ago

Thank you! I'll wait for your article about your birthday. ☺

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1 year ago

Happy Birthday, 21 thoughts on 21, a good way to celebrate with your creativity talent.

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1 year ago

Thank you! 🥰

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