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I will write here as it would have taken 3 days for an account to mature on reddit.

TL;DR: IDGAF about Herman, private discussions should remain private, especially when you are the asshole bringing it up. The claim that a smear campaign was run privately for weeks is simply risible.

In the last 12 hours or so, Herman Schoenfeld, James Howells and the dude behind /u/ have been busy throwing tamper tantrum on reddit about Herman's failed SQL database project. They have been busy accusing Pokkst, imaginary_username and I of literally "destroying" Herman's SQL project Flipstarter.

While Pokkst can be somewhat accused of it as he accused Herman of plagiarizing his Flipstarter "status update" image, it was the extent of it. while Pokkst was rash doing it, the claim was right down to the point the image text could have been templated and made available to all Flipstarter project. Not a big deal to me?

My involvement up to that point? I asked "Are you that Pascalcoin dev?" in the Flipstarter group. Herman ignored the question. That's it.

Imaginary_username involvement up to that point? Nil.

Minding your own business

Next thing we know, James Howells starts throwing a tamper tantrum over Pokkst comment about plagiarism in a very very private group on Telegram. The whole thing was very unhinged and vulgar. At the same time, he's already decided imaginary_username is guilty, despite never commenting on the matter. He was allowed to stay in the group out of respect for him, he left a few hours later on his own accord.

Since James Howells wants so much to air dirty laundry that happens in a private group (which group Marc De Mesel and Molecular are not a member of), we will gladly do it. I don't like being accused of something I didn't do after all, might as well do it.

  • Herman and I have had arguments where he supported the IFP numerous times, the last one where he got banned for death threat. He even go as far as say the IFP was his idea. This point is pretty salient and makes me wonder why James would even associate with someone like that, considering his very public opinion on the IFP and on IFP supporters.

  • He has some intense conspiratorial complex towards 5g, vaccines, etc.

  • I have 0 trust in hi, that any cent put towards this will not go towards Pascalcoin or one of the other 500 cryptocurrency he want to start every 5 minutes.

  • Frankly 80 000$ for a SQL DB where an MVP already exists is kind of ridiculous but that's not up to me to judge since I haven't donated.

  • So-called MVP has never worked from my computer the 2 times I tried to check it out.

  • He has attacked other Flipstarters, so taking the high road is pretty ridiculous.

  • His technical opinion is wrong, and wrong on things that have actually been tested in production.

  • Like Marc De Mesel pointed out himself, he totally lacks ability to introspect after his other failed flipstarter.

  • Frankly, the timing for someone with low trust in the community in general is very poor, just before/after the hard fork with a very short delay.

Does any of this matter in the end? NO.

It was my private opinion, and I never pledged on his flipstarter (I might have if he didn't ignore my question). I know im_uname share a somewhat similar opinion to mine, no idea for Pokkst.

Again, none of this matter, it is baseless accusation made because of private discussion that was started by the one making the accusations. James Howells brought the subject in the group, then complain that we discussed it. The last time Herman was mentioned was on November 7th, and it was a comment about his conspiracy theories. Bottom line, I do not have to keep my opinion to myself in private groups. If your reputation do not stand up to scrutiny, it is not my problem.

Frankly IDGAF about Herman, I have no time to spend to "destroy his Flipstarter". He can do it on his own with his comments on Reddit. Marc De Mesel and Molecular can read and do their own research. They are big enough.

More Laugh

They have a beef with FreeTrade86 now too, and somehow Pokkst is responsible

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