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Grooming Your Pets At Home

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1 month ago

So, in this article, let me talk about how can you groom your pets at home. Most of us are really in love with fur babies and fur pets. We also wanted to take good care of them. Let me share some information about how you can groom your pets at home.

Having a pet means a responsibility of making sure your pets are always healthy and groomed well. We are now facing a crisis, a pandemic rather, which cancelled a lot of activities in our lives. Also, there are restrictions. We have to stay at home and observe social distancing when outside. Because of this, pet owners find it difficult going to salons for their pets. This is how this article will help you guys. This article will be about how can you groom your pets at home.

First, determine the breed of your pets. Owners are usually aware with the breed of their pets. If you still don't know the breed of your pets, make sure you will have your research about it because it is the first thing you should do before learning how to groom them properly. It is important to be aware of the level of grooming pets to see what do you have to do to help them feel better.

According to Dr. Nielsen Donato of TopBreed, the pets with long hair need more frequent grooming. While those with long ears also need frequent ear cleaning compared to those with erect ears.

According to the same doctor, heat can lead to dogs' glands secreting too much oil, which causes them to feel uncomfortable. To check, stroke your dog's fur and see if there are dusts clinging onto it. If you have seen some, bathing your dog once a week with warm water will do. The bigger breeds are more prone to heat stroke, so always bathe them with cooler water. Also, the ideal time to bathe your dogs is between 9:00 to 10:00 in the morning. Their regular baths should last for 15-20 minutes — starting from the shoulders, then slowly moving at the back. Dogs with erect ears might be uncomfortable or irritated when water gets inside their ears. Let your pets get used to you grooming them.

When pet owners started doing the grooming on their own, pets may somehow find it unusual. In solution to this, bring some treats when going to the bathing area. If your pets are still uncomfortable with you grooming and bathing them, the best solution is consulting to a veterinarian or a trusted pet groomer. A dog's fur can be kept shiny and healthy by keeping them stress-free and maintaining their good hygiene.

I hope that I have shared enough knowledge about this. I may not be a pet owner, but planning to be one soon. I have done my research about grooming of pets at home since we all can't afford going to a veterinarian or pet groomers. At least, we can learn how to do it at home with ourselves. Also, this way, we can get very close to our pets as well.


Ps: The images used are from free images of Unsplash. None of these are mine and I genuinely put credits on the site I got these from.

Thank you so much for having time reading my article and I hope you at least learned something from it. If you have some suggestions, comments, or opinion about my article, you can freely write it below in the comment section.

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Written by   118
1 month ago
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