Tery Fox, athlete and humanitarian

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Terry Fox, a Canadian humanitarian, athlete, activist and cancer fighter, was born on July 28, 1968 in Winnipeg.

He was a Canadian activist who became a national hero for the battle against cancer.

On November 12, 1976, Fox had a car accident while driving home. He crashed his car into a truck. Fortunately, there were no casualties, only Terry felt pain in his right knee and was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Progression of the disease led to amputation of the right leg above the knee.

Three years after losing his leg at the age of 18, the young athlete decided to run to raise money for cancer research. When he was creating the Marathon of Hope, his idea was to collect 1 dollar from every Canadian citizen and run Canada from the east to the west coast.

The race began on April 12, 1980. He planned to run 42 kilometers a day. However, he failed to reach the west coast of Canada. Osteosarcoma metastases spread to his lungs and on September 1, 1980, he was forced to stop after 143 days of running. He ran 5,373 km through Canadian states: Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec, and Ontario.

In June 1981, Terry contracted pneumonia. On June 27, he fell into a coma. He died June 28 in New Westminster.

He left something in his legacy to the world that is the Terry Fox Run charity event (an annual non-competitive charity race) held around the world.

Terry Fox Run has been organized in the Republic of Croatia for 19 years. Since its founding in 1981, the Terry Fox Foundation has raised over $ 750 million and today osteosarcoma is curable in 80% of cases.

Terry has united the world with his actions.

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Terry Fox ended his Marathon of Hope 40 years ago. TORONTO -- Forty years ago today, on a stretch of road near Thunder Bay, Ont., Terry Fox felt an intense pain in his chest.

He’d already run almost 42 kilometres every day for more than four months in his ambitious cross-country mission to raise money for cancer research. But by kilometre 5,373, the cancer he’d been fighting spread to his lungs, and he was forced to stop running.

Sept. 1, 1980 marked the last day of the Marathon of Hope. Fox died in hospital the following summer at the age of 22.His older brother, Fred Fox, said that, for him, today is a day for reflection.

“It was people lined up along the road that kept him going,” Fred told CTV News Channel on Tuesday from Maple Ridge, B.C. “But he realized that he had to get to the hospital.”

While today marks the anniversary of a sad ending, Fred said it also represents a hopeful new beginning: the moment Terry passed the torch to his fellow Canadians to continue the mission he started.“Here we are 40 years later, and Terry’s sacrifice, what he did in trying to make a difference and raising funds for cancer research, has impacted the lives of so many people,” he said.

After Terry was diagnosed with bone cancer at the age of 18, he had his right leg amputated above the knee. The idea to run across Canada for cancer research came to him while he was recovering in hospital.

Fred recalled the moment Terry told the family that he planned to run across Canada. Terry had recently run a race in Prince George, B.C., where he was the only amputee. He finished last and returned home to break the news to his mother.

“Mum was upset, protective mum,” Fred said. “(She) told him he was crazy, said ‘Why don’t you just run through B.C. to raise money that way.’ And Terry said, ‘Mum, not only people in B.C. get cancer, but people right across Canada.’”

After that, the whole family got on board and supported Terry throughout his journey, even joining him for various segments of the run.Terry’s original goal was to raise $1 for every Canadian — $24.17 million — which was achieved just four months before his death. Since then, more than $800 million has been raised to support cancer research in Terry’s name.

Fred said his brother would never have believed that, 40 years later, his legacy has left an indelible mark on Canada.

“Terry only hoped that his example of never giving up and the example of caring for other people would be carried by other people,” he said.

“He would be so proud that maybe his inspiration, what he did, has inspired so many to continue what he started.”

On Sept. 20, a virtual Terry Fox run will be held across Canada. Participants are invited to collect pledges and then embark on their own non-competitive run or walk in their community. Nearly 10,000 runners have already raised almost $1 million for this year’s event.

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bio sam jako mlad ali se secam kao kroz maglu cele ove price, delo dostojno svakog divljenja, a pogotovu u to vreme kada takve stvari nisu bile uobicajene

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Da i ja sam bio ali taj hrabri mladić Terryju Foxu od moje generacije mi ostao urezan u srce koji je, oboljevši od raka, izgubio nogu. Kako bi sakupio novac za liječenje, 1980. godine krenuo je u trku po Kanadi koju je nazvao „Maraton nade“. Trčao je 143 dana po 42 kilometra dnevno, no trku, nažalost, nije uspio završiti jer se bolest vratila i oduzela mu život u 22. godini. U čast hrabrom Terryju njegova je obitelj odlučila nastaviti tradiciju te je pokrenula akciju skupljanja novca za borbu protiv raka koja se održava svake godine u kanadskim gradovima, a u organizaciji kanadskih veleposlanstava i u 67 zemalja diljem svijeta, među kojima je i Hrvatska.

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